Sending Out Resume

Companies and employers have several preferences on dealing and receiving resume and job applications. If the applicants know the company, they can personally call and inquire their preferred way of receiving resume. Ask them whether through email, fax, or mail.

And if possible ask them on whom you may follow up the resume you will send. If the job opening was posted in newspaper advertisement, note the directions as to how to send the applications.

When sending out resume, applicants must accompany their resume with cover letter whether it is stated or not in the advertisement. The applicants are likewise expected to write a specific cover letter for each company or each position they are applying. It is similar on how resume is written. It should be company and job position specific. Just like resume, never send a general or bland cover letter.

It is also essential for job seekers to prepare a soft copy of their resume and bring it with them during job hunting because the numbers of employers or companies who prefer sending resume via electronics means are growing.

If the method of submission is through email and no format of document was mentioned, attach the resume into three formats: text version, document version and the scanned version of the actual resume as the applicant will never know what it can look like on the recipient because of the variety of settings that is available to each computer.

Avoid using bullets, asterisks and other special characters in the resume that will be transmitted electronically as these are lost during migration to other machines through data entry sites. Font style can also be a problem. Use only those that are standard like Courier New or Times New Roman. Some programs do not support the latest font or typeface and this might affect the appearance of your resume when viewed in their computer.

Before sending your resume electronically, check your document for any virus or unwanted information that you might transmit along with your resume. Take a quick look at the properties of your resume document to remove any unnecessary data that may affect the accuracy of your resume.

The applicant can assess some of these parameters by sending his resume to his friends or relatives. Let them take a look at it on their respective screens and computers. Or the applicant may post it temporarily to blog sites to see how his resume look over the web. By doing this, the applicant will be assured that his resume format is not altered and retained the intended design.

Nowadays, there are lots of sites available over the Internet that welcome resume submission for those people who hunt for jobs. Sending resume via email or newsgroup is not really advisable because applicants don't even know if the landing targets of their resume are really employment related. They are clueless on who might read and where their resumes actually go. Besides, this mode of sending takes any option for further participation right out of the applicant's hands because the applicants do not have other choice than to wait and wonder whether his resume was opened. Blasting your resume in the cyber world is not the proper means to find your dream job. Finding your dream job takes focus, awareness, detail and individuality.

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