Writing A Winning Resume

We live in a time when competition has become the rule of the day and phrases and words like 'cut throat competition', 'rate race' and 'life in the fast lane' have almost become household terms.

Whether one likes it or not is a different issue, but there is no point denying the fact that the world presently is a place where the only two rule of thumbs are the facts that only the fit will survive and that winner takes it all. Though, it is more or less the same scenario every where, still the most fierce competition is perhaps visible in the job market in the case of an organization carrying out its selection process for fresh recruitment.

The primary reason for such state of affairs being the demand supply ratio for human resource balanced in an unfavorable manner for the job aspirants; this selection process actually goes through a number of rigorous steps the initial being the interview which takes place on the basis of the resume that one submits to the HR department of an organization.

Thus it can be easily realized that the importance of a resume is not only just for a recruitment process but for the whole life of an individual as it plays the role of a deciding factor.

While many seem to believe that a resume is nothing but a mere record of one's personal information and academic and professional skills in a detailed manner written in a bio data form, it should be understood that nothing can be more wrong or misleading. A resume should ideally be, on the contrary, a positive reflection of one's ability summarized and presented in a creative and appealing manner and not at all an expression of one's past history.

To know how to write a winning resume is a skill in itself which everyone cannot master and those in that category can be always considered to be one step ahead of his peers in this so called rat race being discussed above. There are a number of minute points that are required to be kept in mind if an individual wants to really surpass every one else in the technique of how to write a winning resume and the main reason for doing so is the simple fact that in today's competitive world there are numerous candidates for one single post in an organization who would in case of a recruitment put their resume for consideration and as the procedure goes the concerned personnel only select those for the interview whose resume stand out in the entire lot.

Going about the various practices of the method of writing a winning resume, one of the first and foremost things that an individual has to decide is the very basic objective or purpose of writing it, which in any ideal situation should be to get a call for the interview. Once getting this particular point clear in his or her mind, it becomes comparatively easier for an individual to work on his resume and decide what to include and how to present them and what all should be kept out altogether.

One must realize that for a resume to be effective in nature it should be able to achieve for him or her, what a good advertisement does for the particular product. Thus in order to ensure the fact that the candidate's resume becomes a pleasant read for the concerned authorities contrary to the casual and hasty glance received by the other lot of resume irrespective of the impressive facts that they may have to convey, the facts in the figures should not only be remarkable and striking but also pertinent, relevant and discreet to some extent.

In other words, it is always advisable that at the same time when one is trying to figure out how to write a winning resume, doing a bit of background research on a few things such as the organization, the post, job requirement, the concerned HR department, etc is most certainly a bright idea. Once an individual is equipped with detailed information like what exactly is the kind of experience in a candidate the organization is looking for, what is the preferable educational standard or academic qualification they are aiming at, what are the political stances if there is any among various others, he or she will certainly be in a better position to judge the factors which will influence the authorities the most and in turn will earn an interview call.

One final important thing for people wondering about writing a winning resume is the fact that a resume, assumed to be one's personal work, always reflects on the characteristic traits of the candidates; thus being organized, articulate and creative will only earn bonus points.

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