Accounts Receivable Interview Questions

Appearance and qualifications become a disguise when you are not able to perform well during an interview. Masking your true potential with appealing attire and an equally attractive resume and cover letter will not serve any fruitful purpose, because when you confront the interviewer and answer the questions raised during the interview, your true self comes into light. The best way to present yourself as a perfect candidate for the position of accounts receivable staff is to become aware of the interview process and how an individual should behave and speak during the interview to impress the interviewer, thus gaining a better chance to get selected.

The interview for a job in the accounts receivable section of the accounts department primarily consists of two types of questions: first are those that make you highlight your knowledge and skills related to this profession, while the second type of question basically makes you reveal your characteristics that combine with the domain knowledge you possess and make you a perfect match for this job.

An interviewer may ask some or all of the following questions depending on your qualifications, experience, position offered, etc.

Question 1: Give a brief introduction of yourself and your background.

Answer: The way you answer the first question will affect the course of the interview. Be confident and speak in a voice that is audible, but not very loud. Start with your education and then speak about the work experiences or internship details. Mention your current designation and a few responsibilities at the job.

Question 2: Why are you looking for a change in the job?

Answer: Do not cite reasons like you are looking for a salary hike and a new work environment. Instead, express your interest to associate with the organization and tell him/her that you look forward to form a long and fruitful bond by utilizing your skills to benefit the organization and grow with it.

Question 3: How many software have you used for accounting? Which ones do you find the most and least comfortable to work with?

Answer: It would be better if you name the software you have actually worked on than to elaborate the names of all the software you know about, but do not have hands on experience. It will sooner or later come to the employer's notice that you lied during the interview. Thus, it would be better to stay morally right and provide true information. However, feel free to point out the pros and cons of each software.

Question 4: What do you do when you are not working?

Answer: The interviewer here wants to know more about your personality and interests. You need to describe about your recreational pursuits and the hobbies you like to indulge into.

Question 5: What salary do you expect? Is it negotiable?

Answer: Your expected salary should be based on your qualifications, not aspirations. It is also necessary that you quote a range within which you would agree to work, but if the salary offered is lower than the average salary in the market, then negotiate without any hesitation.

Question 6: Do you have a long term strategy for your career?

Answer: An interviewer here is trying to know whether or not you are an efficient planner, because managing multiple tasks at the work place requires perfect planning. You definitely need to have a concrete plan for your career, and you need to tell it to the interviewer.

Question 7: Do you have any questions to ask?

Answer: You need to clear all your doubts at this moment itself. Be it regarding company policies, joining date, operations, or anything that you want to know about.

An interviewer will further ask you the following questions to know about your domain knowledge.

Question 1: What are back end collections?

Question 2: Why is accounts receivable a desperate section of the process?

Question 3: Where do we put Capital?

Question 4: What are trade receivables?

Question 5: Give some examples of deferred revenue expenditure.

Question 6: How is a bank reconciliation statement prepared? What is its significance?

Question 7: Explain the information included in the preparation of a bill.

These questions are given just to help you out while preparing for the interview. Remember to wear a confident smile, as it will make you look, feel, and do the best.

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