Ajax Programming Interview Questions

Life can be tumultuous specially with the increasing competition out there that leads to many of the aspiring and qualified people to switch from the career of their choice. Despite being qualified, a person who appears for an interview fails to create the right impression on the interviewer, just because he/she is not able to perform well during this phase of the recruitment process. Therefore, it is very important that you, as a job seeker, should know what an interviewer looks forward to hear from you when he asks you interview questions.

AJAX Programming interview questions are actually a set of some basic questions that help you to establish your identity as a productive professional, while there are some technical questions related to AJAX, a group of interrelated web development techniques. Thus, for the job of an AJAX developer or AJAX programmer, you will have to prepare well in order to answer all the questions asked by the interviewer, so that the final decision of the employer is in your favor.

We have compiled some of the most common and important AJAX interview questions for your reference. It is not necessary that all of these are asked during the interview, yet you never know what an interviewer might decide to ask you to assess your overall competency.

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1: Tell us about your qualifications and work experience.

Answer: Describe all your educational qualifications and the details of any additional certification programs you have completed. Mention your work experience in either chronological or reverse chronological order, and do not forget to discuss your responsibilities in each position held till date.

2: What skills do you possess? How comfortable are you in learning new techniques?

Answer: You need to highlight your strengths and describe how each skill helps you to achieve the assigned goals. Discuss your inclination towards learning and do not forget to tell an instance where you were able to acquire and utilize a skill in a short period of time.

3: What is your style of working? Are you comfortable to work in large teams or do you prefer to work on your own?

Answer: No matter what you working style is, clearly mention it when asked because based on your reply, the employers will decide the roles that you will be assigned and the environment in which you will be able to deliver the best results.

4: What do you know about our organization? Any special reason as to why did you choose to apply here?

Answer: To answer this question, you first need to do your homework, get the correct facts and learn as much as you can about the operations of the organization. Emphasize on facts that you think make this organization a better place to work and excel.

5: What is your current salary and what is your expected salary?

Answer: Salary is one of the main reasons why people work or look for a job change. If you are an experienced individual, then you will have to negotiate on the basis of your current salary and even if you are a freshman, then you need to ask for the average salary paid, not what you desire.

Some Questions Related to AJAX Programming

1: What is AJAX? What functions does it serve?

Answer: AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, a technology derived from the two very prominent browser functions. By combining both these features, a lot of interactive and useful web applications are being developed.

2: Why are Postback triggers used for?

Answer: Postback triggers are used to upload files while using the FileUpload control within the update panel.

3: How many controls are there in AJAX?

Answer: There are basically five controls in AJAX, namely:

4: Is it possible to use client-side image maps in AJAX?

Answer: Yes. Client-side image maps can bed used in Ajax.

5: What is wrapper?

Answer: Wrapper is an object that facilitates the enclosing of an object in the source language.

6: Give a situation where using AJAX is not feasible.

Answer: One situation where using AJAX is not feasible is while creating functions of online transactions or transfer of critical information. Another instance where AJAX should not be used is when the browser does not support Java or when the client wants their page to appear on a search engine result page.

7: What is a comet?

Answer: Comet is the situation where instead of the browser retrieving the data, the server continues to push the data to the client.

The questions given here have been provided to help you understand how you need to prepare for the interview and answer the questions in a way that it becomes easy for the interviewer to assess your competency for this position. Always keep yourself updated and keep learning new technologies, so that you continue to be a preferred choice of the employers owing to your productivity.

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