Analytical Interview Questions

For most of the jobs today, employers prefer to hire candidates who are equipped with more than just the domain knowledge of the department they are being hired for. The global competitive scenario has made it mandatory for organizations to recruit the best talent from the pool of available job seekers. One of the many methods adapted by the recruiters is to test the analytical skills of the candidate by asking some analytical interview questions that help them to gauge the analytical reasoning skills of the candidate as well as his/her view point towards unexpected situations that may arise at the work place.

To help you to perform better by solving all the analytical interview questions, we have compiled some of the intriguing questions that will help you sharpen your analytical skills and also answer the same reasonably, if not accurately, while appearing for the interview.

Question 1: A man left a town on Friday, reached another town on Friday, stayed there for two days, and again left on Friday. How is is possible?

Question 2: You borrow some money from Jack on Monday. A week later, Jack says he needs his money back so you ask John to lend you the same amount so that you can repay Jack. John writes a check and asks you to encash it. You go to the bank and handover the check to the teller who mixes up the dollars and cents and tenders you an amount out of which you repay both of your friends and still you are left with $2. Now how much amount did you borrow from both of your friends?

Question 3: Steve is older than Mark.
Nicholas is older than Steve.
Mark is older than Nicholas.

If the first two statements are true, then the third statement is true, false or uncertain?

Question 4: If a company manufactures 100 vacuum cleaners with 5 machines and 5 workers in one hour, then how many cleaners can this company manufacture with 17 machines and 21 workers in 12 days?

Question 5: Rubik is three times his father's age. After fifteen years, Rubik's father will be twice old as him. What is the present age of Rubik and his father?

Question 6: There is a water tank with an inlet and an outlet. Filling the tank by keeping the inlet half open takes three hours, while draining the tank by keeping the outlet open to one-third of its diameter takes 4 hours. If you keep the water inlet open to one third of its diameter and the outlet to its maximum, then how much time will it take you to fill the tank if both the outlets are left open?

Question 7: A man walked into a bar and asked for a glass of water. The bartender instead pointed a country made pistol and all of a sudden, the visitor stood up, thanked the bartender and walked away. Why did the bartender pointed pistol at the visitor, and why did the visitor thank the bartender?

Question 8: A bus leaves from Memphis and is headed towards Jacksonville at a speed of 20 MPH. Another bus leaves Jacksonville and heads towards Memphis at a speed of 16 MPH. A third bus has left Memphis half an hour back and is running at a speed of 3 MPH. Now the question is, is there any probability of all the buses meeting at some point, and if yes, then how much distance would each bus have covered?

Question 9: In the annual assessment, Rita ranked 35th from bottom whereas in the class tests, she ranked 5th from top. Tell the total number of students in the class.

Question 10: There are seven containers. In each container, a specific amount of candies are filled, each weighing ten grams. While manufacturing, some candies were not processed properly and all those were packed in a single container that got mixed up with these containers. Each candy in that container weighs nine grams. You are given only two chances to weigh the pills. How would you identify which container contains the unprocessed candies?

These are some of the questions that an interviewer might ask in order to assess your ability of analytical thinking and reasoning. The way you answer these questions helps the interviewer to judge your approach towards problematic situations and the way you find solutions to the same.

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