Android Interview Questions

While facing any interview, you definitely want to look neat and clean; hence you should wear a natural smile and dress up in a formal attire. This charming appearance surely creates an initial impression of you being a professional, though this impression falls flat when you are unable to stand to the interviewer's expectations of being as knowledgeable and skilled as you appear to be. Such a situation can be easily avoided by learning about all the questions an interviewer might ask to test your aptitude, knowledge, and skills.

The Android interview questions are a combination of several queries related to the Android technology as well as some questions that test your aptitude and thought process. Through these questions, the interviewer judges you on different parameters and the collective result obtained allows him to decide the further course of action. Therefore, it is very important that you be prepared with the answers to all the questions, so that impressing the interviewer becomes an easy task for you.

Android is an operating system. An Android developer uses this platform to develop several applications for the devices that run on this operating system. Thus, the basic job of an Android developer revolves around designing, testing, debugging, modifying, and deploying the Android based applications.

Go through the following questions and answers so that it becomes easy for you to answer the same questions when asked during the interview.

Question 1: Tell us about yourself and your career history.
Answer: When asked to speak about yourself, you need to establish your identity. Start with the basic details such as when and from where you completed schooling and higher education. Describe your career details and provide details regarding your internship. Name any important projects that you have been a part of.

Question 2: What makes you think you make a perfect fit for this position?
Answer: Explain to the interviewer that from what you have learnt about the job requirements, you feel that your qualifications and experience will enable you to perform all the job duties in a dutiful manner.

Question 3: What do you think is your biggest achievement till date?
Answer: Achievement is definitely a milestone in anyone's life. You can describe about the recognition and popularity you achieved while you were studying or any award that was given to you owing to your excellent performance as an employee in the course of your career.

Question 4: Why did you choose our organization?
Answer: There is always some motivation behind your decision to apply for a job. Tell the interviewer what you like about the organization and what do you look forward to when employed. This will create an impression that you not only know about the organization, but you are also keen to be a part of it.

Question 5: What are your goals in life? How do you prioritize them?
Answer: Tell the interviewer about what you plan to achieve in life and what is your approach in life for the same. Prioritizing your goals is also necessary because without proper planning, you might end up in achieving something of everything, but not everything of anything you aspire for. Tell the interviewer about your priorities in life, whether it is a secure job, a house, family, or anything else.

Some more questions related to your functional area have also been provided below.

Question 1: Define activity.
Answer: Activity is the screen that appears while using an application. This activity can differ with different applications. For example, when browsing through the menu, the activity refers to the list of the items visible on screen.

Question 2: What is intent?
Answer: Intent is defined as the task a caller desires to do.

Question 3: How many versions of Android have been released till date and what are they?
Answer: The following versions of Android have been released till date:

Question 4: What are the advantages of Android over other application development platforms?
Answer: Android has become popular and is acclaimed across the world owing to the range of applications it has to offer to the users. Android is also an open source platform that gives freedom to the developers to create whatever application they want to.

Question 5: Define resource.
Answer: Resource is a user defined file that can exist in either JSON, bitmap, XML, or other format. This file is injected into the application building process that is later loaded from the code.

You can see that the Android interview questions are not very difficult to answer, provided that you stay updated with the latest advancements in the Android technology. This is because with such a rapid advancement in technology, you may as well become obsolete if you choose not to enhance your knowledge with time.

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