Assistant Manager Interview Questions

The competition in the world outside is stiff, and the chances of securing a perfect job have reduced because there are more number of candidates than the jobs available in the market. No matter how experienced and qualified an individual is, he/she has to face the heat of the competition and may have to face rejections despite being the perfect match for the job. Most of the times, this rejection comes as a result of you not being able to perform well in the interview. Interview is one moment where you have to present yourself as a perfect candidate, otherwise the job opportunity is blown away in a matter of minutes.

An assistant manager reports to the senior manager. He/she has to manage a team of individual working in the department and ensure that the departmental targets are achieved. He/she recruits, trains, leads, evaluates, and promotes the staff. He/she is answerable for the activities of the staff and thus he/she needs to be very prompt and disciplined so as to maintain a professional environment and lead the team to the right direction.

The assistant manager interview questions have been provided here for all those people who are either appearing for this position for the first time, and for those candidates as well who have been working in this position and are now looking for a job change. These questions and suggestions to answer the questions will help you to understand how to face the interview with confidence and impress the interviewer by behaving and answering in the right manner.

Question 1: Tell us something about yourself.
Answer: Something actually means some things. These things include the details of your education, certifications, experience, skills, and interests. You need to speak confidently and in a smooth pace so that the interviewer is able to hear you. Do not rush. Take frequent pauses and keep smiling at all times while maintaining eye contact.

Question 2: Why do you want to work with us?
Answer: Of course, everyone works to make a living. However, if this remains the sole reason of your existence as a professional, then you might not sustain for very long. Discuss things that you like about the organization and what makes it different from the previous organization(s) you have worked at.

Question 3: How do you resolve conflicts among the team members?
Answer: While working as an assistant manager, you will definitely come across situations where there are conflicts among the team members. Speak about the methods you used to resolve the conflicts or which you think are the most effective ways of eliminating the differences among the team members.

Question 4: Which computer applications have you used? Which ones do you find the most and least useful?
Answer: While answering this question, you need to recall all the functions of the applications you use and discuss the improvements you would like to implement in each application. This will create an impression of you being attentive to detail and a critical thinker.

Question 5: What skills do you think are the most important for an individual working as an assistant manager?
Answer: You need to point out the skills and justify how each skill is helpful for an individual who works as an assistant manager.

Question 6: On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you find yourself?
Answer: Being aware of oneself is as important as being aware of the people around. You need to rate yourself on the basis of what you are capable of as a person. You need to justify your rating with facts.

Question 7: What changes would you like to implement in the current economic policy?
Answer: You should be able to point out at least two or three regulations and suggest changes that you believe will improve the current economic scenario. This will create an impression that you understand the implications of the policies and regulations in the market.

Question 8: How would you handle a client who has been overcharged and has not been provided with quality service?
Answer: You need to give an example or an instance where you actually handled such a situation. This answer totally depends on your understanding of customer service and its significance in today's world.

Question 9: What are your weaknesses? How do you manage to improve in areas where you lag behind?
Answer: Discussing about your weaknesses and the measures you take to overcome those is not taboo. It is beneficial because it establishes that you are open to admit your mistakes and are willing to work and enhance your productivity, a must to excel in today's world.

Question 10: Do you have any question for us?
Answer: This is your chance to ask about the organization, work culture, timings, and any other information you want about the organization. Ask at least two to three questions that are relevant to your profile.

Remember that the interviewer is an authoritative figure and has the right to ask any number of questions he/she wants. Be patient and confident. Do not let nervousness distract you from performing well during the interview. Read the assistant manager interview questions and feel feel to share these with people who are looking forward to appear for an interview for the job of an assistant manager.

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