How to Prepare for Bank Teller Interview

A bank is an organization that deals with financial transactions. Banks offer various useful services for its customers. People use banks to deposit their money as savings. Banking personnel help their customers to choose the appropriate savings or money deposit plan. Dealing with cash is one of the most important jobs in the banking industry. The bank teller handles cash in a bank.

The responsibilities of a bank teller are not limited to cash transactions. As the teller deals directly with customers, a person with good customer service skills fits better for the job. A bank teller interview is a very good opportunity for candidates to enter into this profession. The teller should also be an honest person, as the job deals mostly with cash transactions.

To excel in a bank teller interview, the candidate should possess knowledge about the basics of banking. Some of the topics that require attention are:

As banking is a field that deals with a wide area of financial application, the candidate should have a clear understanding of most of it. The teller should also have knowledge about modern banking technologies.

To ensure a perfect landing in a bank teller's job, the candidate has to prepare for the interview in the following aspects.


Any bank recruiting a teller will opt for a person with banking related education. Universities offer different banking related degrees. Banking related education consists of subjects for all banking related activities. This helps the candidate to get a clear picture of the principles and techniques of banking and enables to get a bank teller job.

Knowledge of banking

Gaining knowledge about banking techniques relates to more practical than theoretical experience. A university project or an internship will help in strengthening the banking skills of the candidate. Practical working knowledge of everyday processes, problem solving in times of emergency and customer handling increases the value of the candidate during the bank teller interview.

Selection of bank

The candidate has to select a bank to apply for a job. If the candidate is not willing to relocate, a bank in the town or city would be the best choice. Choice should also depend on the performance of the bank, future prospects and growth. Bank jobs require paper based or online applications. The candidate should watch for advertisements in newspapers and on websites.


A resume properly scripted with education, knowledge, skills and interests will achieve its destination. Highlighting and powering up the resume with keywords is the best way to make a resume shine in a huge lot. The quality of a resume is directly reflected in the results.


Since the bank teller job involves handling cash, an honest person is always preferred. Question related to honesty and loyalty is always a part of the bank teller interview. The candidate should answer them carefully.

Attire, customer service

Customer service is a main part of the bank teller job. The candidate should be customer friendly, speak in a clear voice and be patient. A bank teller should never be rude. Attire portrays the candidate's professionalism. The bank teller interview attire can be a conservative suit in navy or gray. The candidate should also maintain pleasing looks.

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