How to Answer Bank Teller Interview Questions

A bank teller's job is one of the most interesting and challenging jobs in a bank. A teller should have the expertise in banking techniques and customer service. Customer service is more important for a teller as the bank expects more deposits from the customers. A bank teller should possess knowledge of the bank's daily activities and problem solving abilities in times of emergencies.

A bank teller interview is a real test for the candidate's honesty and loyalty. The teller job involves many cash transactions. Therefore, the candidate should be an honest person. Teller interview questions focus on extracting the truth about the candidate's honesty. Interview questions for a bank teller job consist of questions related to banking techniques, customer service skills and honesty.

Practical knowledge will help in answering banking related questions. Case questions on handling customers are common. Giving examples of customer handling experience is a good way to answer case questions. Questions related to honesty and loyalty deal with cash handling, honesty of colleague and telling lies.

The following are questions frequently asked in a bank teller interview. Nature and number questions may vary based on experience.

The questions should be answered in a clear voice. This enables the interviewer to understand the candidate's skills properly. Stress inducing questions should be answered with caution.

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