Banking Interview Questions

Banking interview questions? Yes. They might raise a question mark upon your face and stomp one on your career too. Not being able to answer questions correctly and confidently during the interview is something you might not wish to face, though it happens, with a reason. The only reason behind such a situation is the ignorance or shying away from accepting the fact that homework is inevitable, whether to appear for a school test or an interview. An interviewer seems to be a fathom because all you know about him is that he has the authority to question you and if you find the question unanswerable, then you become clueless as to what step will the interviewer take. Failing to provide satisfactory and accurate answers is one of the main reasons why individuals lose the opportunity of getting selected. You just need to read and understand the questions an interviewer will ask and the most appropriate answers to those questions to get selected for further round or the job, as the case may be.

There are several positions offered by a banking organization. Each position has a definite set of responsibilities and demands specific qualifications and skill set. Irrespective of the position, a person is required to be extremely honest and should have a deep rooted inclination towards customer service, because banking, whether investment, commercial, cooperative, or in any other form, is all about dealing with customers and delivering the required services to them.

Here are some banking interview questions and the most appropriate answers to these questions and how you need to answer them.

  1. Introduce yourself and give a brief about your qualifications, your family background, and your professional experiences.

    Answer: Remember that you are introducing yourself, not your family, or locality. Unless asked for, do not speak about your family. Your name is enough to introduce you. Tell about your educational qualifications in a reverse chronological order. If the employer asks for, you can divulge the grades you have obtained. Remember you should not discuss much about your hobbies and interests unless the employer asks about them in detail.

    While describing your professional experiences, remember to give a gist of what you did and achieved in your previous jobs.

  2. Why do you want to join us?

    Answer: An appropriate answer for this question should make the employer believe that you have throughly studied about the organization, history, its practices, market position, and the characteristics that distinguish it from its competitors.

  3. Why do you want to apply for this position (varies with each applicant)?

    Answer: When an employer asks you this question, you are expected to convince him that you are an appropriate match for this position. You can do so by relating your experience, qualifications, skills, and your ambition to work for this position.

  4. What do you know about banking operations?

    Answer: Explain all that you know about banking operations in brief. If you do not know the accurate facts, skip the topic. Accepting your ignorance will be better than stuttering while speaking something you do not have a clue about.

  5. Are you aware of the latest developments in the banking industry?

    Answer: This is a critical question. This will highlight your passion for this profession. Answer this question carefully and also give your opinion about how the advancements will affect the functioning of a bank.

  6. What can we expect from you in the long run?

    Answer: Your answer here should show the interviewer that you are dedicated and would like to go out of your way to become a valuable employee for the organization. Explain to the employer about how you contributed additional efforts in the course of previous jobs and even in the college projects. You should sound positive and confident while answering this question.

  7. What do you consider as your greatest strengths?

    Answer: Explain about the skills that you have acquired till date. The most important skills for this job are organizational skills, analytical and problem solving skills, multitasking skills, and proficiency with computers, because banking operations have moved to a digital platform today. Remember that whatever skill you mention during the interview will sooner or later be put to test. Therefore, it would be better to mention the skills you already possess.

Apart from the interview questions provided above, an employer may also give you a situation and ask you to provide a feasible solution for the problem the situation creates. He might also answer your question in rapid succession so as to test your presence of mind. Be confident, stay positive, and face the employer with a smile, because he will definitely appreciate it. All the best for your interview!

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