Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral interviews are also known as situational interviews since they generally evaluate a candidate's reaction to a particular situation. Behavioral interview questions lead you to narrate a past experience and your contribution to the situation. You may be also given a hypothetical problem and asked to resolve it.

There is a huge list of questions that can be asked during the interview, and each question has a unique answer to it. The behavioral questions that are asked are usually customized according to the job profile. Hence, it is necessary to study the job profile carefully and then have an idea about the questions that may be posed to you.

Situational questions can be widely categorized into three sections - Questions related to past experiences, work integrity and questions to test problem solving skills. Following are the common behavioral interview questions that can be expected.

Common Behavioral Interview Questions :

Behavioral Questions relating to past experience

Behavioral Questions that test problem solving abilities

Behavioral Questions relating to work integrity

The best way to answer these questions is to review your past performances thoroughly and to choose the right situation that caters to your new job profile. There cannot be a right or a wrong answer to behavior based questions. With ever answer you have to justify your role and convince the interviewer of your approach to a situation.

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