BPO Interview Questions and Answers

BPO interview questions and answers are the key to enter into the mind of the applicant, because only upon successful completion of a questioning session, the employer will be able to take a decision, as to whether the candidate being interviewed is qualified enough to be tested further or recruited. You need to be well versed with the most common question an employer may ask, because it is very important to represent yourself as a knowledgeable candidate in order to secure the job.

BPO is all about handling the process of another business organization. This process can be related to customer service, finance, sales, technical support, etc. A person working in a BPO is required to learn about the company where he works and also about the process of the client. For your convenience, we have compiled and listed some of the most common questions an interviewer might ask while interviewing you for a job in a BPO organization.

  1. Tell us about yourself.

    Answer: An age old cliché, “first impression is the last impression” is something you need to remember, especially while facing an interview. You might wish to narrate a biography of your life to the employer when you ask such a question. However, you should remember that this is a job interview, not a press interview. Of all the things you have done in your life, an employer is interested to know things that define your productivity and relate you with this profession. If inquired further, you can add your interests, family background, etc., too.

  2. What do you know about the BPO industry? Have you worked in a BPO organization before?

    Answer: If yes, then you definitely stand a better chance to impress the employer by explaining all that you have learned about the BPO industry. If you have not worked in this sector before, you need to research about this sector in detail so as to get yourself of the the abyss of ignorance and make the employer believe that you do possess some basic knowledge of the path you have chosen to tread on.

  3. Why do you want to leave your current job?

    Answer: OK. Accepted. You might be sweating mentally and thinking about how to explain the circumstances that have compelled you to look for a job change. Still, you cannot escape by blurting out things that were affecting your productivity and were limiting you from exploring your potential. This question needs to be answered diplomatically. Just tell the employer that you are looking for new avenues and despite having any bitterness or discontent, never ever state anything about the organization you are currently working at.

  4. What makes you think you can perform well in this position?

    Answer: Explaining and convincing the employer about your qualifications is something you need to do very tactfully. When confronted with this question, tell the employer about your previous experience and/or the skills and knowledge you possess, which you believe are the pillars which act as a base for your productivity.

  5. Are you willing to work for night shifts/rotational shifts?

    Answer: You cannot say no to an employer when he asks such a simple yet critical question. Working in a BPO is all about serving the clients' requirements and completing the processes/projects in due time. Different shifts are assigned to the BPO staff and you may always be asked to change your shift or work at night shifts according to the process requirements.

  6. Will you be comfortable to sign a bond?

    Answer: Many organizations make it mandatory for new recruits to sign a bond for six months, a year, or even a longer duration. You do not need to think much to answer this question. If you are comfortable, say yes. If no, then no.

  7. What is your future goal?

    Answer: You need to explain the employer that you want to tread the path of progress and excellence without taking any shortcuts and dedicating yourself to the profession. Make this statement confidently and let your vision reflect in your words.

  8. What is your salary expectation?

    Answer: This can be a tough question for you. Do not directly state a figure to the interviewer. Instead, state a percentage of hike in the current salary if you are already working. If you are a freshman, ask the employer as to what salary do they offer for the position and negotiate accordingly. Do not quote an exorbitant, unreasonable amount, because even if the recruiter finds you a suitable match for the job, you will be denied the opportunity owing to such unreasonable demands.

The BPO interview questions provided here will help you to understand how an interview will commence and proceed. Be ready to answer such questions and impress the employer with your acumen.

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