Business Objects Interview Questions

Every interview you face in life comes with a set of technical questions and unless you are familiar with these questions, you risk losing the job opportunity because most of the times, it is the personal interview with the recruiter that decides the fate of your career. If you answer all the business objects interview questions correctly, then you will definitely make your place in the minds of the interviewer and he/she will give a preference to you over other applicants who have appeared for a similar interview.

As a business objects developer, one has to identify and define the various elements of the business operations and incorporate these elements in an enterprise application. The elements needs to be picked carefully, because all the business transactions are recorded in this application and to keep specific records of each application, one has to be technically proficient in a large variety of database management and reporting tools. Coming from a computer science background, a business objects developer works in a conventional office setting for five days a week.

Some basic and advanced business objects interview questions have been enlisted below. Read these questions as they will help you when you appear for the interview.

General Questions

  1. Give a brief on your qualifications and career.

    Answer: The best way to answer this question is to establish your identify before anything else. You can skip this part if the interviewer calls you by your name. Make yourself audible but not loud. You can start with your educational qualifications or the current job, whatever makes you comfortable. Mention your grades and also tell about a few basic job responsibilities you have been assigned with. If you are a freshman with the only experience of being an intern, then describe it as well.

  2. Why are you looking for a new job?

    Answer: This question can easily make anybody stutter. Still, you have to answer this question. Tell the employer that you are looking for a new horizon with a broader perspective of growth. Tell him/her that you find this opportunity interesting and challenging and you would do your best to become a valuable employee of the company. Never say things like you are looking for a job with a higher remuneration or you are having a tough time due to politics and favoritism in the current organization. It will only show that you are not immune to these factors that are usually prevalent in all business organizations.

  3. Why did you choose our organization?

    Answer: Just because this organization is offering an opportunity should not become the sole reason behind you applying for this job. You need to study about the organization, its operations, achievements, annual turnover, reputation, etc., and accordingly state that it would be a pleasure for you to serve an organization of such stature.

  4. What do you consider your strength and your weakness?

    Answer: Now this question has to be answered diplomatically, yet honestly. You cannot fake anything, no matter how much you wish to in order to impress the employer. Even when you tell about habits or qualities that you think go against your productivity, you should state it in such a way that it does not sound negative.

Technical Questions

  1. What is a universe?

    Answer: Universe is the semantic layer that enables creation of objects and classes.

  2. Explain the process of linking two universes.

    Answer: To link two universes, you need to go to the links option in the edit menu, where you will see a universe parameter dialog box. Click on the add link button and select the universe you wish to link from the list of available universes.

  3. What do you understand by context in universe?

    Answer: A context is the join path, either between tables or a certain group of joins for a specific query.

  4. What is a domain?

    Answer: A domain is defined as the logical group of system tables.

  5. What domains are included in the basic setup?

    Answer: Primarily, there are three domains in the basic setup of business objects. They are:

    • Document domain: This domain contains the record of report outputs.
    • Security domain: This domain contains information regarding the users, user privileges, access groups, etc.
    • Universe domain: Here, the information related to joins, loops, classes, objects, and hierarchies is stored.

  6. Is it possible to have multiple domains in business objects?

    Answer: Yes, except for the security domain.

  7. What is a repository?

    Answer: Repository is defined as the set of database tables that store the metadata of the application.

The easiest way to answer all the business objects interview questions is to keep yourself updated by reading about the latest advancements in the application apart from using it as more as you can.

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