C C Interview Questions

C C interview questions are the ones asked by the interviewer to assess the knowledge and experience of an applicant appearing for the job of C/C++ programming jobs. Individuals who have theoretical and practical knowledge should be able to speak confidently during the interview and provide accurate answers to whatever the employer asks, because this will help you to put a positive impression through your knowledge and communication skills.

A C/C++ programmer is an individual who uses C or its extensions as a primary language for programming. Programming is nothing except for a set of instructions written for an application to behave in a certain way according to the input of the users. This language is one of the oldest and most popular among the programmers worldwide. One of the characteristics of C programming language is that it needs a compiler that can convert the codes into machine readable format, thus making it executable.

The questions asked to you during an interview for C/C++ programming will be technical as well as nontechnical. This is because an employer will not judge you only on the basis of your educational qualifications or work experience. He/she has to get an idea of your personality and the qualities you possess as an individual. This is an opportunity for you to disclose facts about you that you think will enable the employer to believe in your competency as a C programmer.

We have compiled some technical and nontechnical questions that can be asked during an interview for C/C++ programmer jobs.

Non-technical Questions

  1. Introduce yourself and tell us about your qualifications and experience.

    Answer: With a confident smile and a friendly tone, help the employer to learn about your identity and inform him/her about the qualifications and experience related to this profession. If this is the first job you are applying for, then provide the details of any other job or internship.

  2. Why do you want to work with our organization?

    Answer: Obviously, you have to answer this question diplomatically. You cannot say that you want to associate with this organization because it is offering a handsome salary for the job. Tell the employer that after studying about the organization and its operations, you found that it is an appropriate place to work at and the range of its operations will help you to utilize your skills and involve yourself in pursuits through which you can help the organization to achieve its results.

  3. What is your career ambition?

    Answer: Answer this question with a simple statement that describes your career goals and gives a glimpse of your positive insight towards career.

  4. Why should we hire you?

    Answer: Here, you have to convince the employer that you are one of those people who are made for this job. With an assuring and positive tone, explain the employer that apart from the technical knowhow, you have the requisite skills and mindset that are necessary to work in a technology driven work environment. You can also explain about any situation where you went out of the way to find an appropriate solution to strengthen your stand.

Technical Questions

  1. What is inheritance?

    Answer: Inheritance is the characteristic that enables a class to reuse the state and behavior of another class. The latter class, constructed through a master class inherits the properties and method implementations and can also accommodate additional properties and methods.

  2. What is constructor?

    Answer: Constructor is a module that creates and initializes an object in the program. It adds vtable for virtual functions.

  3. What are references in C++?

    Answer: A reference variable is a pointer that helps in reducing the incidents of syntactical clumsiness related with the pointers.

  4. Why do we need copy constructors?

    Answer: A copy constructor is helpful in the following instances:

    • When a function returns an object of that class by value
    • when the object of that class is passed by value as an argument to a function
    • when you construct an object based on another object of the same class
    • when compiler generates a temporary object

The CC interview question listed above will help you to prepare for the interview and appear confidently on the day your interview is scheduled.

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