How to cancel an interview

A great opportunity in the form of an interview has come to you. As a response to your resume, the company has fixed a date for an interview. You want to prepare well and get the job. Suddenly you come across a situation like a family emergency or a business trip, clashing with the interview date. You are now in a position to take a crucial decision, to cancel the interview for now or to attend the interview.

The Opportunity
Interview cancellation is not an easy situation. You are interested in joining the company and have an interview call. To cancel and reschedule it may not be comfortable. Interviews are one-time chances to get into a company. So it is advisable to cancel or reschedule an interview only in situations of emergency.

Canceling an interview can be of few types.

Interviews scheduled by email :
An interview scheduled by the company by email implies that it may be a phone or a personal interview. If any representative from the company has not yet spoken to you, it is a process of informing them that you may not be available on the specified day. If you have already accepted the interview schedule, inform the company at the earliest.

The mode of communication is important in this case. An email about cancellation or rescheduling will not look professional. It is better to inform the concerned person over phone. Inform the HR manager about the emergency in the family, current work schedule or a business trip. Do not detail the problem in case of a family emergency as it may create an impression that your family problems disturb your work.

Apologize to the person for the inconvenience and ask for a reschedule. Fix another date such that it does not clash with any other commitments. Thank the person for the reschedule. Immediately after the phone call, send a formal mail of apology for the cancellation and gratitude for the reschedule.

Interviews scheduled over phone :
An interview scheduled over phone signifies your progress in the selection process. The company has evaluated your performance through a phone interview and has informed you over phone the schedule for a personal interview. In such a situation when you are in the midst of the recruitment process, try not to cancel the interview.

Under serious circumstances, call the interviewer, who scheduled the interview, and explain the situation. Do apologize for the situation and express your interest in the company. Reschedule the interview within not more then 3 to 4 days from the originally fixed date. Thank the interviewer on phone and send a follow up mail immediately.

Permanent cancellation :
If you have taken a position elsewhere and you want to cancel the interview, contact the concerned person over phone, not by email, and inform about your decision. Thank the recruiter for the opportunity and send a follow up email with apology citing the cancellation. Cancel the interview only when the new position accepted provides a better work environment and remuneration. It is better to attend the interview, as it can be a better opportunity. Job interviews are golden opportunities, rescheduling may result in loss of credibility. Express your situation politely to the recruiter to make sure that you land in the company.

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