CICS Interview Questions

CICS interview questions are asked by the interviewer and you need to answer those correctly to prove your efficiency for the position of CICS developer. Answering the interview questions in an appropriate and accurate manner gives a signal to the interviewer that you are one of those people who know the technicalities of this program and also know how to communicate regarding the same. Thus, it would be a wise act to work towards making yourself a preferred employee by updating your knowledge and enhancing your skills through the same.

The job of a CICS developer is to work towards the development of CICS programs as per the clients' requirement. CICS is a transaction server and enables enterprises to run online processing at a smooth pace that gives both the enterprise and the customers advantage over other applications that might be slow or inefficient for online processing. As a CICS developer, an individual is required to understand the requirements and expectations of the client regarding an application, document project requirements, create applets for the program, test, deploy, and update the program as and when needed.

During an interview, never underestimate yourself and be confident at all times. It is expected that you answer all the questions; however, in situations when you do not know what the answer is, you should accept it because it is considered a positive factor that you accept your ignorance rather than beating around the bush to answer.

Go through the following questions before appearing for an interview as these questions are commonly asked by an interviewer to test you on different parameters to check your efficiency for this profession.

  1. Define CICS.

    Answer: CICS is a program that has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of enterprises for continuous online processing of data and transactions. CICS is one of the very few programs that has been evolved and has carved a niche for itself by making the corporations realize its importance for their operations.

  2. What are the basic functions of CICS?

    Answer: CICS program offers following functions for the users:

    • CICS allows data storage and transfer for the users connected in the network.
    • For wider networks, CICS allows the users to communicate with systems of one region to another.
    • CICS allows programming through multiple languages, thus allowing different specialists to put in combined efforts for development and modification.
    • It helps the users to process batch data in real time, thus saving time and efforts.

  3. Is it possible to use OCCURS in a BMS map? Give reasons for your answer.

    Answer: It is possible to use OCCURS in a BMS map, except for incidents where we have to group by clause.

  4. Under what circumstances can the BMS length of field can be equal to zero?

    Answer: BMS length of field is equal to zero when the data is not entered in the field.

  5. If you use DSECT parameter in BMS, what result would you get?

    Answer: By using the DSECT parameter in BMS, once can generate a symbolic map.

Apart from the technical questions listed above, an interviewer would like to know what else you know and how well you are groomed as a professional. Learning about you from different perspectives is something an interviewer is concerned about and this he/she does by asking you the following questions.

  1. Why do you want to join our organization?

    Answer: I researched about your organization, its operations, clients, case studies, and many other aspects of this organization on its website. I believe that working with an organization like yours would be a lifetime opportunity and would allow me to grow as a professional by continuously indulging myself in the organizational pursuits and evolving through learning and hard work.

  2. What is your definition of a perfect job?

    Answer: A perfect job is not the one that pays well and restricts me to work in a confined circle. A perfect job, according to me, is one that motivates me to learn and grow with each passing day and explore and exploit the potential inside me to be a valuable employee for the organization.

  3. Where do you imagine yourself to be after five years?

    Answer: I believe that I can easily climb the ladder of hierarchy in five years time and would like to be at a senior position, nonetheless being actively involved as I am today.

These few questions are enough for an interviewer to assess your competency for the position of CICS developer.

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