COBOL Interview Questions

Answering questions during the interview is one of the most important phases of your professional journey. Your performance during face-to-face interaction or the interview with the recruiting person plays a very important role in enabling the interviewer to take the final decision. Without answering all the questions correctly, you won't be able to clear the apprehensions and doubts of the interviewer and to ensure that he/she gets a clear idea of what you can do as a COBOL programmer; be ready with the answers to the most common COBOL interview questions.

A COBOL programmer is a person who uses this language primarily for applications development. COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language that signifies that this language is used for development of business management applications and systems. A person working in this position is actively involved in development, testing, troubleshooting, deployment, and update of applications that are evolved from COBOL.

Preparing for an interview for the position of COBOL developer is not something you need to be scared of. There is absolutely no need to worry because all that you need to know is right in front of you. You have to study about the evolution of the language, major breakthroughs, its application, limitations, and the latest advancements. Apart from the technical knowledge, you will have to be prepared to answer questions that test your integrity, passion, presence of mind, analytical, and other personal skills. To make your preparation for the interview easier, we have enlisted a few questions that are commonly asked by interviewers while recruiting COBOL programmers.

  1. Give me/us a brief of your career and qualifications.

    Answer: Start speaking with a smile and ensure that your voice is not very loud, but audible to everyone present in the room if there is more than one interviewer. Start with either your work experience or academic qualifications and also mention about your participation in extracurricular activities and any awards that you may have won.

  2. What do you like the most about this profession?

    Answer: Tell the employer that you have landed into this profession because programming and development is one domain that you were always interested in and you find it to be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

  3. What are your key strengths and weaknesses?

    Answer: Your strengths and weaknesses lie in telling about your strength and weaknesses. Do not be humble enough to not to speak about what you consider to be your strength. At the same time, be bold to accept your weaknesses and also tell the interviewer as to how you plan to tackle it.

  4. In what ways can you be an asset for our organization?

    Answer: If you feel that you have any additional knowledge and skills that will benefit the organization, tell about it. For example, you might be an excellent instructor and leader who can handle large teams and train them. Or for that matter, you can even use your knowledge and experience gained from a job you did after high school.

  5. How can you search using SEARCH ALL?

    Answer: You can search either in ascending or descending order using SEARCH ALL.

  6. Why do we use EVALUATE?

    Answer: EVALUATE serves a function similar to that of a case statement. Through EVALUATE, nested Ifs can be easily replaced.

  7. What is CONTINUE?

    Answer: CONTINUE is similar to a null statement.

  8. Is it possible to DELETE a record from an ESDS file?

    Answer: No. DELETE is not possible in a record in ESDS file.

  9. Define scope terminator and give an example.

    Answer: A scope terminator ends the verb in a command. An example for scope terminator would be EVALUATE, END-EVALUATE; IF, END-IF.

  10. Do you have any questions for me?

    Answer: This is a chance where you can show your curiosity and ask the interviewer about the company. Whatever doubts you have in mind, you can clear those by discussing it with the interviewer. Do not just pass this question with an answer that you do not have anything to ask.

The COBOL interview questions we have provided will definitely help you to prepare for the job interview and answer all the questions of the interviewer confidently. All the best for your interview.

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