Computer Science Interview Questions

Computer science interview questions will test your mettle and make you sweat at a time when all you need is to maintain your cool and impress the employer. Being unfamiliar with these questions will only add to your already low chances of selection that are a byproduct of the increasing number of graduates and professionals who are in the same league you belong to. To move out of a vulnerable position and secure your chances for selection, it is necessary that you prepare well so that it becomes easy for you to answer whatever an interviewer asks.

A computer science interview is held to test your knowledge and skills that relate you with a particular position in this domain. For example, a software engineer will be asked a question related to development, testing, deployment, and upgrade of software. On the other hand, a person specializing in networking will be asked questions, answers of which will help the interviewer to judge the capacity of the applicant for this job.

Any computer science interview question can be answered easily only if you spend time to update your knowledge because in today's world, technology upgrades itself through constant human activity in the research and development sphere. If you are not able to keep yourself updated, you might get obsolete in the same way an old computer system or application does.

To make the preparation easier, we have provided some sample questions for your reference.

  1. Tell us about your qualifications and experience for this profession.

    Answer: Here, the interviewer expects you to give a chronological or non-chronological description of the educational qualifications and experience that you possess. You are expected to describe the details of the job responsibilities you were assigned with during the course of your job; yet you need to be precise because there are many things an interviewer is left to ask.

  2. How do you update your knowledge and skills?

    Answer: Tell the interviewer about the books you read, the websites and blogs you follow, and the forums you are a member of. You can share an important update that you think is a major breakthrough in the sector, as it will give an impression that you do not just read the information, but also analyze its consequences.

  3. How many projects have you been a part of? Which project do you consider the most challenging?

    Answer: Provide details of all the projects in which you have played an active part. Speak about your contribution and its outcome in major projects. Do not hesitate or feel shy to tell instances where you failed a major setback and how you overcame it. It will only portray a professional image of you in front of the employer.

  4. Whom do you consider as your ideal and why?

    Answer: Speak about a person whom you think has revolutionized the information technology sector or a domain in this sector. It would not be feasible to speak about your favorite actor/actress and how you mimic him/her, because the interviewer is looking out for candidates who are passionate about computers and technology.

  5. Why should we hire you?

    Answer: Of course, the company needs an employee, but it won't consider hiring you despite you possessing the qualifications unless you prove your modesty and professionalism while being interviewed. Make a positive statement regarding your productivity and let the employer absorb your confidence that makes him/her believe that apart from the technical expertise, you do possess qualities that will be beneficial for the organization in the long run.

  6. If given a chance to switch your career, which profession would you like to pursue and why?

    Answer: This question may sound like the interviewer is trying to make you comfortable. However, his/her intention is to see whether if you have anything else in mind apart from the profession you are into. This is a question to check whether you are passionate enough for the information technology sector or you are doing it just to earn a livelihood.

Apart from these questions, the interview will consist of many technical questions, each aimed to assess the level of your proficiency for this job. You need to do a thorough homework and study all that you can, because failing to answer one of the many questions may leave out a question mark on the interviewer's face regarding your competency, and consequently a question mark on your career as well.

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