Consulting Interview Questions

What are the consulting interview questions? From an interviewer's point of view, these questions build the path with which he/she can become aware of the qualifications of an applicant appearing for the job interview. From there, he/she becomes empowered with the knowledge he/she gains regarding the qualifications of the applicant and can make an appropriate decision. This process is very lengthy, both for the employer and the applicant. As a job seeker, a person has to answer all these questions in order to impress the employer. If you are searching for a job in this domain, then reading about the most common questions an employer might ask will definitely help you to move ahead to a safer position and ensure your selection.

The job of a consulting agent or a consultant is to provide expert advice on a subject matter to the employing organization. This subject matter can vary from finance, tax, legal, marketing, public relation, production, or any other operational area of an organization. There are consultants who are not employed, but hired. They charge fees per case rather than a salary that the permanent consultants might earn.

The technical questions for the interview of a consultant will vary according to the domain for which he/she is being hired. However, some common questions are enlisted below for your reference.

  1. What is the job of a consultant? Tell us what a consultant does on a routine basis.

    Answer: As a consultant, a person is involved in research and analysis of a particular process and gives advice to choose a path that will deliver the best results in the given time. For example, a financial consultant will advice a business organization on how it can diversify its funds and invest it in projects and schemes that will fetch the right returns at the right time.

  2. What do you think makes you an efficient candidate for this post?

    Answer: Being an experienced individual, I believe that in all the projects I have worked, I have been able to deliver optimum results for the employing organization/client. I have a proven track record of the same, and I have managed to update myself with the advancements in the domain. I feel that my experience and skills combined make me a perfect match for this position.

  3. What made you apply for a job with our organization?

    Answer: When I read about the opening in this organization, I found out that not only my qualifications meet the job requirements, but the company's reputation also matches my preference. I have read and heard a lot about this company, and I believe that it will provide me with the platform from where I can soar to the heights of professional excellence.

  4. What according to you holds more importance, money or recognition?

    Answer: Money, as such, is just a tool to access the necessities and luxuries of the world. It will surely pour because I believe that hard work and honesty payoff in the long run. As for recognition, I do crave for it because it is all about leaving a positive impression on people I work for and work with. I treat both money and recognition equally important.

  5. How would you describe yourself in one word?

    Answer: Answer this question with a word that best describes your personality. You can describe yourself as passionate, geek, leader, or a word that you think is best suited to the qualities and skills you possess.

  6. In what ways will you be helpful to the organization?

    Answer: Here, you are not at all supposed to tell the employer that you hold the relevant experience and skills. He/she knows that and that is why you are being interviewed. He/she wants to know in what areas you excel apart from your domain. You have to elaborate on your participation in extracurricular activities or knowledge that you can utilize for a department or process other than in which you will work.

Apart from the interview questions given above, you can be asked to solve a case study that will test your analytical, mathematical, and problem solving skills. Or else, the interviewer may put you in a group of candidates and assign a task in which you have to participate and showcase your skills. We hope that you will be able to crack the interview and secure the job by creating a positive first impression on the employer. All the best!

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