Creative Interview Techniques for Candidates

Interviews are all about creating a long lasting, favorable impression about you and your candidature. It is a well known fact that your resume does the talking for you. However, nowadays, even an impressive record of qualifications and work experience might not always make a difference. Recruiters are faced with numerous applications, all of them boasting of extraordinary candidature.

A candidate has to design innovative techniques to convince the recruiters that his capabilities go much beyond the resume. Interviewers are no longer looking out for passive employees who work as per instructions. In today's world, suave all-rounder employees, who believe in working smart, are much preferred. Devise creative techniques to give an outstanding performance at the interview.

Preparation Techniques :

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing for a job interview. Reflect your compulsive need for perfection by preparing beyond the recruiter's expectations.

  • Research :

    Gather as much information about the company as possible. Make sure you have a file containing all the important details about the company. Research does not mean having a set of information about the company. You should also study their activities, past records, achievements, recent tie-ups thoroughly.

    There is nothing like quoting various statistics of the company. You may want to a small talk with the recruiter about the company in figures and ratios. This will give prominence to your research abilities.

    Draw a sketch of your analysis and observations about the organization. If possible, make a small presentation about what you have got to study. Similarly, keep ready a set of questions that have arisen from your findings. Do not hesitate to make any suggestions or voice your opinions to the company. The recruiters will be amazed at your level of commitment and preparation.

  • Create a Professional Environment

    This is actually an unspoken rule of every interview. A candidate is expected to behave professionally. However, situations do occur when candidates let go of themselves at some point of time. Sometimes due to fear and anxiety, candidates tend to behave in an unprofessional manner. On the other hand, an overtly relaxed environment can also lead to a candidate's unprofessional behavior.

    Remember that you are here for an important purpose. Always keep your attitude business-like and heighten your professionalism.

  • Speaking About Yourself

    Make sure you create a unique impression about yourself. After a point of time, each candidate seems as good as another, since every one mechanically repeats the same answer one after the other. To embellish this part of your interview, give a short presentation that accentuates your qualities. Hand out references that will help them better understand your work.

    Such unique ways are certainly praise-worthy and will positively garner admiration from the interviewers.

  • Knowing the Job Profile

    It can really put the interviewers off, if candidates are clueless about what the job entails. It means they have to allocate some time to brief you about the job description while interviewing. Go through the job description thoroughly and try to understand the duties the job carries. Sum it up for your prospective employers while adding your details and points.

    Think of novel techniques to present facts to the recruiters. However, refrain from over employing creativity to avoid risking/ruining your chances of being selected.

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