CSS Interview Questions

The moment you receive the notification that you have been selected for an interview, you need to make certain preparations so that the opportunity you have been waiting for does not go in vain. One very important task you need to do here is to learn about the interview questions an employer might ask. Now when you are going for the position of CSS programmer in an organization, it is inevitable that the interview questions will have to be answered in order to give momentum to the selection process. There are almost no chances to survive in the competition without giving satisfactory answers to the questions asked by the interviewer, because only when the interviewer gets a dose of your competency, he/she gets a clear idea as to whether he/she should qualify or disqualify you for further rounds or the job.

As a CSS programmer, you will be primarily dealing with the application of CSS under different circumstances and for different requirements. The basic use of CSS or cascading style sheets is to stylize the documents written in markup language in such a way that it appears like a presentation. The use of CSS enables a user to add certain attributes such a color, font size, layout, etc., for multiple pages in a project.

The best way to bring yourself to a stage where you can easily answer all the interview questions is to keep studying about the subject and also polish oneself in communication and presentation skills, because it is very important to send across the right message through your body language and by the way you speak. For your reference, some common questions that can be asked during CSS programmer jobs interview have been listed below.

  1. What according to you makes CSS a productive tool? What according to you are the limitations/drawbacks of this tool?

    Answer: Here, the employer wants to know the level of your familiarity with CSS. Answer this question by highlighting the advantages of CSS over other similar tools. When speaking about the drawbacks/limitations of this tool, you can also suggest changes that will make this tool better to impress the interviewer.

  2. How many values a “Position” attribute offers?

    Answer: A position attribute offers the following values:

    • Absolute
    • Relative
    • Static
    • Fixed
    • Inherit

    Relative value is the default value.

  3. What are rules?

    Answer: Rules are the set of selectors along with a declaration block. A declaration block is a list of declarations.

  4. Is CSS case sensitive?

    Answer: CSS is not case sensitive. However, attributes associated along with the CSS command such as font families, URLs, or other factors can be case sensitive.

  5. What is a CSS filter?

    Answer: CSS filter is by far one of the most advantageous characteristic of this language. It enables the coders to write a totally different code or make changes to the existing design patterns that further allow the web browsers to receive the CSS coding specifications that they support, thereby disabling any instances of changes that the browser may make to the code.

  6. What are vertical control limitations?

    Answer: The limitations faced during the vertical placement of objects in CSS are called vertical control limitations.

  7. What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you plan to overcome your weaknesses?

    Answer: This question should be answered in way that while describing your strengths, you do not sound overconfident and when you discuss your limitations, they do not overpower your positive traits. It is also important that you allow the interviewer to know the measures you are following to overcome what you consider your weaknesses.

  8. What is your long term career objective?

    Answer: Everyone has set an objective, and the interviewer hopes that you are no different. Let him know what you have in mind regarding your career and life, how do you plan to take your career, where would you like to see yourself a decade later, etc. A well planned career is often the key to success, because unless you have a destination planned in mind, there is absolutely no use treading a path.

You can see that the CSS interview questions are based on the fact that the interviewer has to assess you from different perspectives before making a decision regarding your competency for this position. Be prepared to answer these questions, and you will find that the interviewer will definitely get impressed.

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