Customer Service Interview Questions

Sharpness of mind, attention to details, good communications skills, ability to make quick and correct decisions, negotiation, assertiveness, politeness, problem solving ability are some of the qualities that a customer service representative must possess. You should be able to convince your interviewer of all these skills that you possess during the interview.

Customer service job interviewing questions differ from company to company based on various factors like the product or service they offer, their clientele, target area etc. However, there is a standard set of questions that are asked during the interview.

Customer service job selection procedure usually starts with screening interviews to narrow down the list of applicants. Phone interviews give an idea to the interviewers whether you are suitable for the position. Thus, your first preparation should be in the direction of succeeding the phone interview and securing a date for the selection interview round.

Phone Interview Questions for Customer Service Job

Once you clear the phone interview, you will be invited for a selection interview. Selection interview questions are more or less similar to the phone interview questions. Only this time, the interviewers will expect you to vary your answers a bit and, give them detailed explanation to their questions. Selection interviews for customer service representative job involve comprehensive questioning that aims at bringing out the necessary skills in a candidate.

Selection Interview Questions for Customer Service Job

Apart from these questions, you will be tested for your computer and other technological knowledge. A customer service job profile usually lists out these following requirements:

You can expect the interview to gradually course towards behavioral interviewing. This segment will determine how you will perform, if selected.

Behavioral Interview Questions for Customer Service Job

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