Dental School Interview Questions

Interviews are an important channel to pass if you want to get selected for a job or some college. There are several education institutes that take interviews of the candidates to judge their suitability for the course. If you are keen on seeking admissions to a dental school, then you must prepare yourself for the interview. Since candidates are yet to study the science of dentistry, it is obvious that the students have no knowledge of this field. Hence, do not expect any complicated questions related to dentistry from the interviewers. All that they wish to know is that how much a candidate is keen on making a career in this field and how he has prepared himself to meet the challenges. Here is a list of dental school interview questions and answers to help the candidates to acquire admissions in dentistry colleges.

  1. What attracted you to the field of dentistry?

    Answer: From screaming in the dentist's clinic to being aiming for a career in dentistry, I believe I have come a long way. I feel that dentistry is the most underrated branch of medicine. Dental hygiene and oral care are as important as any other health practice. I would like to contribute to this field by emphasizing the importance of dental care. Dentistry has excellent career scope, growth opportunities and remunerations. I feel confident of pursuing this field for my career.

  2. How much do you know about dentistry?

    Answer: Dentistry is the science of oral care and hygiene. Similar to other medical sciences, it includes diagnosis and treatments of aliments. It has different specialization areas: general practice, surgery, anesthesia, cosmetic dentistry, etc. Dentists help patients achieve oral hygiene by suggesting dental care practices. They teach how to keep teeth clean and identify disorders. They diagnose the disorders and give medical treatment to relive pain. Common practices include extraction of tooth, applying braces to correct misalignment, relieving pain in gums, root canal, crowning, implants, fillings, etc.

  3. What do you think is the most challenging aspect of dentistry?

    Answer: Dentistry is a complex science. Learning and mastering this science is challenging. The highest degree of sincerity, precision and professionalism is required for this profile. Also, there are some issues affecting dentistry: lack of insurance policies, competition, etc. But these issues can be tackled only when one enters the job market.

  4. Are you aware of cases of medical malpractices in the dentistry field? How will you cope up with it if you face one of such situations?

    Answer: Yes. There have been cases of nerve injuries affecting taste buds, failure to detect dental disorders, improper administration of anesthesia, unnecessary extraction, etc. One has to be dedicated and careful in work. Medical field does not allow any chance for mistakes. I will follow the medical practice laws and regulations sincerely. I would ensure that expired medicine and tools are replaced on time. Most importantly, I will ensure that I will act responsibly while taking care of the patient and inform him/her about the treatment, risks, and costs honestly.

  5. Are you aware of the scope and the areas of specialization that are available within dentistry?

    Answer: Dentistry has immense scope in future since it plays a part in cosmetology and healthcare science. Dentistry has gained importance as a serious medical branch with people giving emphasis on dental care. This has provided an impetus to dentistry career. The different areas of specialization are orthodontics, dental surgery, prosthodontics, endodotics, oral and maxillofacial diseases, etc., to name a few. Although I have not decided my area of specialization, I would be interested in specializing in orthodontics since it is more challenging.

  6. Why do you want to join our college/university?

    Answer: I am impressed with the education standards and facilities provided by this institute to its students. The college boasts of several in-campus facilities of library, virtual library, laboratory and spacious classrooms, hostel and canteen. Additionally, the institute's affiliation with a dental hospital serves as an advantage for the students to gain practical knowledge. They have adopted modern teaching practices. All these reasons made me give this institute an edge over the others. (Read the college's prospectus or website. Gather as much information as possible about the caliber, strength, courses, staff, ranking, etc., of the institute. Frame you answer based on the facilities and standards you liked about the college. Remember to mention at least one positive aspect that gives an advantage to that college from the rest.)

  7. Name your three strengths and weaknesses?

    Answer: I believe my strengths are patience, precision and sincerity. These three qualities will help me to study the dentistry science in detail and become qualified to provide accurate medical care to the patients. More than my weakness I consider them as my areas to improve. I believe I need to be more outspoken, take initiatives and communicate with others effectively so as to learn through this experience.

    While answering these questions, we have mentioned ideal answers most expected by the interviewer. However, do not copy these answers blindly. There maybe some qualities that are unique to you and some other reasons that prompted you to take this decision. Remember to be truthful to yourself and the interviewer. Only then what you say will be convincing for the interviewer.

We have listed few typical interview questions that students have to face to get into a dental school. However, there is no limitation to the questions that may be asked to an aspiring dentist. It could be personal or professional. Hence, along with practicing these questions, try self-introspecting. It means that you must question yourself on what are your likes, dislikes, ambitions for future, challenges, scope, etc. This will help you to prepare yourself better and make an impression at the interview. We hope that these questions and guidelines will suffice your needs and help you to face the interviewer confidently.

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