Dot Net Interview Questions

The competition among the job seekers in the IT industry is probably the toughest of all industries. Several students take up courses in IT with the aim of entering this prestigious industry. Students consider this to be an individualistic goal till they enter the job arena. There is a pool of talented IT aspirants waiting at the door of the recruiter to get hired for IT job. Most of them have admirable educational qualifications to support their job ambitions. But then how does one differentiate between these aspirants and hire the best talent for the organization? Resumes and interviews help to make this differentiation. They show how much the job seekers are ready for the challenge and have thorough knowledge to support them.

From the several profiles, we have presented here .net Developer Interview questions. It will help those aspiring for a career in .net technology to prepare for the interview.

  1. Define .net in simple terms

    Answer: .Net is a component that facilitates easy operations and management of the Windows software. It runs of windows operating system and provides a set of tools and libraries that is specific for windows software development. .Net based applications help to integrate systems and information rapidly and in an easy to navigate manner.

  2. Explain the components of .Net architecture. Define each in few words.

    Answer: There are 4 major components of .Net architecture: Common Language Specification (CLS), Framework Class Library (FCL), Common Language Runtime (CLR), and .NET tools

  3. What is the difference between asp and

    Answer: operates on a definite code that handles all events related information. It uses all forms of programming languages and the applications are configurable. It can run on non-Microsoft platforms too. Also, it supports amalgamation of data from multiple sources and XML integration.

    On the other hand Asp does not allow separating logic code from the designs. It allows use of scripting languages: VBScripts and JavaScripts. Asp have limited scope and benefits to offer

  4. What is the importance or advantage of .NET?

    Answers: .Net has provided a speedy, stable and secure environment for web development. The main purpose is to connect information, systems and users with application of software. It allows building and maintenance in quick and easy manner. Work proceeds in a security-enhanced and fast environment.

  5. Differentiate between Response.Output.Write() and Response.Write()

    Answer: Although both are used to display the output on the screen, Response.Output.Write() allows the user to format the output, while Response.Write() allows the use of only one definite character line for displaying the output.

  6. What is the advantage of Common Type System (CTS)?

    Answer: CTS gives .net Framework the quality to support multiple languages. Earlier, two distinct languages would require type conversion. But due to CTS (a small component in CLR), CTS compliant languages can be easily supported by .net. It contains a peculiar data type system that is common to all languages, which implies that the interger and long variable is common for all programming languages.

  7. What is a garbage collector?

    Answer: Garbage collection is a tool of memory management. It gathers the memory (data stored) present in objects that are non-functioning in the program. This is an advanced stage against the manual methods used by the programmers to sort data for de-allocation. Since this is an automated effort, it leaves the system free of several categories of bugs such as dangling pointer bugs or double free bugs. Also, it prevents memory leaks where it is not possible to free memory occupied by unreachable objects.

  8. What is digital signature?

    Answer: A digital signature is similar to a manual signature in purpose, barring the fact that it is an electronic signature. It is used to identify and verify the person who provides his signature for digital documents.

  9. How many languages is .net capable of supporting? Name a few.

    Answer: .Net is said to support around 44 languages. Some prominenet ones are COBOL, C#, Petrl and VB.Net. .Net functions with a unique code of Microsoft Intermediate Language where language is not a barrier. The compiled code allows it to be compatible with the Common Language Runtime standard.

Similar to the scope of .net framework, these is wide range of questions that can be asked at the interview. We compiled a few just to give you an idea on how the interview questions are and how to answer them. Here are a few more questions that you can prepare on your own for the interview. These are all technical questions. We have purposely refrained from adding personal questions since they are subjective. The answer will depend upon your ambitions and background.

Dot net developer positions are high in demand. The demand is met well with the number of applicants vying for this post. Hence, it is important to be well prepared to be able to make best out of the first opportunity the candidate gets. We hope that these .Net developer questions help to simplify this task and help you to gain confidence with accurate interview preparation.

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