Education Interview Questions

Jobs in the education industry are far more challenging than ever before. People who take teaching as a profession now are shouldered with a host of responsibilities and have to be at the beck and call of the authorities and of the students as well. Education has become an industry, and every industry thrives on manpower who have the requisite talent to prove that they are worth a job. However, apart from the talent you possess, you are also expected to thrill the employer with your acumen by answering the education job interview questions. This is necessary because unless you are able to communicate confidently during the interview and represent yourself as a promising and positive candidate for the job you appear for, you will not be hired for the post.

The job of an employee in the education sector is to contribute his/her efforts in the learning pursuits of the students. This job can be based in a school, college, university, or at any other organization, where a large number of people gather in order to learn about a common subject of interest. With a drastic change in the learning process and methodologies, education professionals now use more sophisticated methods of teaching and the rapidly advancing technology has allowed the education professionals to impart knowledge through remote locations by using mediums such as web conferencing.

Education interview questions are asked not just to confirm what you are capable of, but also to know your approach towards work and life in general. It is all about knowing how you act, react, and function as a professional. A job in the educational sector means that you will be handling a large number of students and tasks and to perform all your tasks successfully, you need to explain to the interviewer about your skills and your experience, so that he/she is able to acknowledge your efficiency. You may also have to answer several questions that test your analytical, problem solving, and time management skills in order to assess as to how you will be managing the tasks and the "not so routine" situations that might crop up every now and then.

Given below are some of the most common education interview questions for your reference.

Question 1: Tell us about your qualifications and experience for this position.
Answer: As you answer this question, make sure to describe about all your experiences and the knowledge you have gained through the studies. Take your own time and speak slowly and loud enough while taking reasonable pauses in between. Speak about the technologies and methodologies you are familiar with and emphasize about any special skills you possess.

Question 2: What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Answer: Be open and frank as you discuss your weaknesses. Every person has some or the other weakness, so do not assume that the interviewer will be getting a negative signal as you tell him/her about your weaknesses. Similarly, speak about your strengths, but avoid sounding boastful.

Question 3: What methodologies and technologies you are comfortable with? Which would you describe your best?
Answer: Speak openly about whatever you know about the methodologies and technologies you are familiar and comfortable with. Also, allow the employer to absorb your opinions and preferences by speaking what you like and dislike the most about all the methodologies and technologies and which suits you the best.

Question 4: How would you arrange a classroom?
Answer: Here, arranging a classroom refers to the physical layout of the classrooms and the placement of desks, drawers, blackboard, etc. It also includes the wall color, the thematic appearance, etc. Depending on the context of the classes you will be required to conduct, you need to give an ideal layout so that the students feel the ambiance and get into the mood of learning as they sit in the classroom.

Question 5: Why did you choose to apply in our organization?
Answer: This is one question you will need to answer tactfully and give the interviewer an impression of what you know about the organization and its functions. You cannot just go directly to the interview without researching in detail about the operations and a brief history of the organization. Cite reasons as to why you find it a better place to work.

Question 6: How would you handle students who constantly display arrogant behavior and/or are unable to keep up with the classroom activities?
Answer: Describe the strategies you feel are best and that have been proved useful to handle students who display such attributes while at the institute. Also, given an example or two as to how you brought about changes in the attitude and behavior of students who used to exhibit arrogance.

The education interview questions are just an insight into what the interviewer would like to discuss with you in order to know all that he/she can before clearing you off for further rounds or appointing you for the position you appear for.

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