Executive Interview Tips

When you apply for an executive post in an organization, you will be screened for various qualities. Your motivational skills, assertiveness, problem solving ability, decision making ability, ability to deal with pressure and to multi-task, all these skills will be tested during the interview.

Executive interviews are generally held over a lunch or dinner in a fairly informal environment.

Since you are applying for an executive post, you will be expected to display high standards of professionalism. Following are the interview tips for candidates applying for the post of an executive.

Presentation, punctuality and preparation are the three broad categories that you have to take care of while attending an executive interview.



Arrive at the venue at least 5-10 minutes early. Your punctuality will be noted. Meanwhile, avoid arriving earlier than 10 minutes. Waiting for more than 10 minutes, for either party, is not recommended.


Other than the three P' s-Presentation, Punctuality and Preparation- these additional tips will help you to accentuate your candidature.

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