First Job Interview Tips

How to Prepare for The First Interview

An interview is a place where candidates attempt to turn their dreams into successes. Experienced candidates, with their exposure to interview procedures and questions, find it comparatively easier than the newcomers. For a fresher, an interview is no different from a nightmare. To delete those fears, the candidate has to program his/her mind with loads of confidence. The required confidence comes only through preparation and practice.

A few protocols have to be taken care of to end with a good job.

The resume
The world�s most powerful self-marketing tool. There is no other place you can write all about yourself and end up productive. A resume of an experienced person has enough information to make it heavy. In case of a fresher, it is otherwise. Weak resumes are like paper boats; they never travel long. To make a resume strong, put some energy into it. It should impress the interviewer to choose you. Strengthening a resume is not easy as there is no experience section in a fresher resume. The experiences area can be filled with areas of interest, conferences and seminars attended and presentations given. The resume should also show your leadership qualities.

Try to get a job at the earliest. Do not allow any gaps to be created in your career. If you have not got a job after completing college, find a good reason. Take up certification courses during or after college to increase job chances.

Remember you have only technical knowledge and no experience to compete in the job market. To survive in any interview, be the best in whatever you know. The company will not compare you with an experienced candidate. However, it would be better to know about the company and its products./ it will be better to know everything about the company

Researching about the company before the interview is a protocol ignored by most candidates. The interviewer would like to know your knowledge regarding the company. Know about products and technologies.

All interview experts stress on this fact. Professional attire earns you a good impression at first look. Understand that you are now in a different phase of life. This is not college to go around in torn jeans. To ensure your dreams com true, you need to dress elegantly, avoid bright colors, hide tattoos and maintain fresh breath. A decent looking dress with a tie will complete the professional in you.

Take all required documents, certificates, reference letters and a few copies of your resume. You may have to fill an application form at the interview venue. Fill all required columns with appropriate information in a legible handwriting.

It is required to practice before the first interview. Take some advice from seniors in your profession for better results.

The wait
In the interview venue, you may have to wait for a longer time. This increases the chances of getting irritated. The aim is to get a job and not become restless. Talk to the receptionist about the purpose and wait. Do not sit in the corner, unless that is the only seat available; sit straight.

Knock before you enter the interview room. Introduce with a firm handshake. Speak confidently; thank the interviewers after the interview. Follow up with thank you note, email and phone calls.

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