How to Prepare for Flight Attendant Interview

A flight is one of the quickest modes of transport. pilots and the cabin crew manage the flight. The cabin crew consists of flight attendants. The role of the flight attendant is important in defining air travel. Flights provide faster, safer and more comfortable travel for passengers. The role of the cabin crew is to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers.

A flight attendant is a person who takes care of the flight's safety procedures and passenger comfort. The primary duty of the flight attendant is safety. However, customer service is also an important part of the job. The flight attendant should have thorough knowledge about the flight's safety features and emergency equipment. A flight attendant should also check cabins frequently.

A flight attendant interview aims at finding the candidate with proper balance of skills and looks. a flight attendant's job also includes serving customers. Services include providing food and beverages, magazines and newspapers, towels, pillows, blankets etc. The most important factor in customer service is patience. Some customers may be angry; some may try to take out their frustrations on the flight attendant. The flight attendant should handle these customers with patience.

Another important requirement of a flight attendant is to handle medical emergencies. The flight attendant should be familiar with first aid and emergency procedures like CPR - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Knowledge of other simple medical procedures is also necessary. To spell success in a flight attendant interview, the candidate needs ample preparation. The following are a list of factors that require attention before the flight attendant interview.

The quintessential part of a flight attendant job is attire. A flight attendant's attire for an interview should look professional. Conservative suit in navy or dark gray, neat looking, polished shoes, and belt are required for males. A Navy or gray suit, pants or skirt, stockings and minimal jewelry is required for females. Perfume should not be strong. Visible tattoos and piercing should be hidden. Hair coloring should be limited to natural looking colors. Casual clothing and jeans are not a part of a flight attendant's professional wardrobe.

Looks are important for a flight attendant. A pleasing look with an impressive smile is always preferred. The candidate should make sure that he/she are up to the mark in terms of looks. Body language is also a part of a flight attendant's job. The candidate should take up training to learn essential body language for a flight attendant.

Talk, confidence and smile
The candidate should express him/herself confidently in the interview. A smile is the key to customer satisfaction. A pleasing smile will ease the situation and provide comfort to the customer.

The candidate should possess knowledge about aircrafts, safety equipment, emergency and medical procedures. The ability to give first aid and CPR is mandatory.

The candidate should maintain a proper physique. Candidates with good height are preferred as they can reach the safety equipment stored in overhead storage areas. The flight attendant should maintain prescribed weight during the tenure.

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