How to Answer Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Flying is a preferred mode of transport because of its quickness in transporting you from one place to another. The flight also excels in safety and comfort. A flight attendant is a person who takes care of in-flight safety and comfort. Safety is the first concern of the flight attendant. The flight attendant should possess knowledge about flights, safety and emergency equipment. A flight attendant should also know about emergency medical procedures like CPR.

The flight attendant interview is an excellent opportunity for an aspiring candidate to be a part of the aviation industry. To excel in a flight attendant job, the candidate has to prepare for it in certain aspects. Dress, look, way of talk, confidence and punctuality are the basics of the profession.

Patience is the most expected quality from any flight attendant interview candidate. It should also be a part of the answering style in the interview. The candidate should understand the question and give the answer in a clear voice. Voice clarity is highly expected from a flight attendant. The following questions are asked frequently in a flight attendant interview.

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