Government Job Interview Tips

To start a perfect career, one must go through the gates of an interview. Job interviews for positions in private sector companies adopt a common protocol for the interview questions and stages of screening. Unlike these, government job interviews follow a different protocol with stringent specifications. Candidates interested in serving the people and the nation, generally opt for jobs in federal agencies.

Since the requirements of a government job are very different from those of the private sector, an alternate set of preparation techniques is necessary. The main factor is the choice of the more relevant federal agency, matching your profile and work experience. Once the field is set, the process is a straight road to the interview.

A Resume is the main self-marketing tool for any job. same is the case with government jobs. Candidates are selected based on their education and experience listed in the resume. Therefore, provide appropriate and updated information in the resume. The selection procedures for most federal agencies are similar. Unlike private organizations that deploy automated resume filtering bots, government agencies use the much superior human brain. It is more advantageous than losing an opportunity for missing a keyword.

Reference letters add value to the resume. Government agencies, like private companies, prefer the system of referencing. References can be provided by a person outside the agency, like a college professor, previous team leader or colleague or a person inside the agency. Reference letters should contain your competency in the specified area.

KSA is knowledge, skills, abilities essay that is mandatory to be submitted along with the resume. The KSA should contain information about your education and experience that relates to the job requirement. A perfect KSA along with a good resume is the key to get a government job.

Information extracted from the job advertisement regarding the skills required for the particular job is useful. The advertisement also gives information about the documents, reference letters, and forms to be filled for the job. Remember that a government interview procedure is carried out by fixed protocols. Make sure you follow the rules.

Research about the federal agency, the nature of work, achievements and records in the past years is necessary. Information regarding the post and the qualifications required for the post should be collected.

Reach the interview venue on time. Government organizations generally have more security checks compared to private organizations. Parking your vehicle in the campus may also be a time consuming procedure.

Dress according to the job profile advertised. Avoid casuals and bright colored dresses. Maintain a decent hairstyle, perfume; cover up tattoos and piercing.

Number of questions asked in a federal job interview is more than average. Make sure you are prepared for a long interview session. Take more than one copy of your resume and photograph. You may also need to answer a questionnaire before the actual interview. So remember to take a pen and fill in legible handwriting.

Questions regarding drug, criminal records are a standard part of the government job interview. Do not provide wrong information. Answer the questions in a clear and audible voice. Show interest in working for the agency.

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