High School Interview Questions

Interviews have become a crucial passage of selection at school, college and job market levels. If you are seeking admission at a high school, it is important to pass the interview test. In most cases, it is the school principal and the senior teachers who take the school interviews. If you want to get selected, you have to answer their questions confidently and win over their trust.You have to make them believe that you have the potential to bring laurels to the school. With each question, the interviewer is trying to find out more about the candidate, his habits and preferences. Hence, do not take any questions lightly. Answer it in a way that it will bring out the best qualities of the candidate. We have given some sample high school interview questions and we hope to set an example with them. You are free to use these answers or create your own.

  1. Tell me about yourself.

    Answer: This is probably the most common interview question you will be ever asked. This question is asked to make the candidate comfortable during the interview. Plus, the interviewer tries to see how confident the candidate is and how well he/she can talk about himself/herself. Candidates can start with their name and talk about their education, family background, hobbies, career ambition, likes and dislikes. It is subjective and the answer will change from one individual to another. Remember to mention your awards and accolades in this conversation.

  2. Why do you wish to join this school?

    Answer: This school is renowned for its physics department. I pursue a dream of making a career in electronics engineering. I have heard some good reviews about the teachers too. I would like to study in an environment that allows me to learn practically and experiment. Additionally, the school management equally focuses on extracurricular activities. The factors that has led me to choose this school are.... (Talk about the positive aspects of the school and how you will benefit from them. Customize the answer by adding names of reputed department, awards won and courses to offer).

  3. Which is your favorite subject?

    Answer: Math is my favorite subject at school. I find it very challenging and like to solve a given problem by analyzing the query and applying what I have learned. My preference to math has improved my analytical and problem solving abilities.(This is just an example of answering this question. Feel free to give name of any subject that you like. Make sure you write reasons for why you like it and what excites you the most in that subject.)

  4. Who was your favorite teacher at your previous school? What did you like about his/her teaching style?

    Answer: My favorite teacher at school, Ms. Joanne used to teach us biology. It is my second favorite subject. Although it is a difficult subject with complex terminologies, my teacher always made it sound interesting. She used to show us live samples, pictures or slideshows to explain an organism or a biological process. Her sessions were interactive and hence never dull. She encouraged her students to speak, give opinions and raise queries

  5. Which is your favorite color? What does it represent?

    Answer: My favorite color is green. It represents serenity and beauty. I am a nature person and hence different hues of green that adorn nature have always attracted my attention.

  6. What at your hobbies?

    Answer: I love to play sports. I am fond of baseball, soccer and skating. I love skating the most and have receive several awards at competitive events.

  7. Would you like to represent our schools at competition?

    Answer: Yes. I am passionate about sports and would like to grab every opportunity possible to represent the school at competitions. I would be keen on participating in skating competitions since that is my strength. Additionally, I would like to appear for spelling bee tests too.

  8. Which fictional or real character you adore? Why?

    Answer: My favorite fictional character is Sherlock Holmes. He plays detective and is called upon to solve mysteries. I adore the way he studies a situation and finds out the culprit.

    His knack of adopting disguises, gathering evidences and building logics is very interesting. I admire Sherlock Holmes for his intelligence.

  9. Are you talkative or shy ? Do you make friends easily?

    Answer: I come across as a reserved person but once I make friends I interact with them a lot. I like to organize camps, activities, parties and study circles with my friends. I may hesitate on the first few days but in some time, I surely make a lot of friends.

  10. Tell me your three strengths and weaknesses

    Answer: I think my strengths are communication skills, aptitude for technology and sharp grasping skills. On the other hand, my weaknesses would be short tempered nature, lack of initiative, and reserved behavior.

  11. What has been your greatest achievement till date?

    Answer: I had participated in state level skating competition in the year 20** and I stood first in the figure skating competition. I feel that has been my greatest achievement till date, and it has encouraged me to prepare for the national level competition.

Refer to these high school interview questions and practice answering them if you want to get admission for high school education. We hope that these sample questions and tips help you in your endeavors.

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