Hotel Interview Questions

The hotel industry is a vast industry that engages several experts. It includes chefs, beverages managers, entertainers, housekeeping, etc. Several experts work at different levels and perform different functions. However, the main work objective of each candidate is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Hence, there are some interview questions that typically come up in all hotel industry interviews.

A List of Hotel Interview Questions.

  1. If we hire you, what would be your motto to work?

    Answer: I believe that the hotel industry survives on the strength of its customers. Hence, my motto at work would be to provide a friendly atmosphere and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. I will ensure that all my efforts are directed towards this goal.

  2. Which qualities do you boast of that will help you progress in the hotel industry?

    Answer: I believe my communication skills are my strength. I have the knack of establishing cordial relations and interacting with customers in a friendly manner. Also, I have problem solving skills and high patience levels. These two characteristics will help me to find solutions to issues quickly and pacify aggrieved customers. Most importantly, my organizational skills will help to ensure that the work gets completed on time and matches to the expected standards.

  3. Tell me about your responsibilities at Hotel ABC (name of the previous hotel)

    Answer: I was working as a hotel coordinator at Hotel ABC. The hotel is rated 4 star. It boasted of 250 rooms and various amenities. Hence, our hotel experienced a constant rush of guests.

    As a coordinator, my responsibility was to manage the different departments of the organization and carry out the work projects successfully. My task was to maintain schedules, allocate staff for each assignment, arrange resources, manage accounts, and ensure customer friendly atmosphere for the guests.

    The main goal of my work was to ensure that the there was no chaos at the hotel or confusion between two members.

  4. Describe your toughest day at work

    Answer: My toughest assignment was on last new year's eve. I had to manage three events at one time, each with a guest strength of 500 or more. One was a new year party, second one was a soccer match broadcast and third was a charity event.

    I had to ensure that all three events began on time and proceed without hassles. I appointed staff members to each assignment as per their role and capacities.

  5. What would you do if you encounter a medical emergency?

    Answer: In case of a medical emergency, I would call the doctor immediately. I will arrange the medical box and ask the resident doctor to look after the patient while we arrange for an ambulance. I will ensure that prompt and accurate actions are taken to help the patient get medical care.

  6. How would you manage if you realize that the store supplies are less and you need to organize a party in next 2 hours?

    Answer: While planning a party, I will make sure that all supplies are arranged in advanced so that there are no last minute troubles. However, if this situation occurs, I will make sure I do best of whatever I have.

    I will make changes to the menu or decorations and redesign with whatever is available. I remember a situation we had to change the party theme slightly to accommodate more options.

  7. What would you do if a guest is not happy with the services and is misbehaving with the staff members?

    Answer: If any guest is aggrieved with the hotel services, I will try to communicate with him personally and try to find out the reason of his unpleasant experience. I will ensure that the hotel responds to his demand with immediate effect. However, if the guest is making unrealistic demands or his harassing our staff, then I would reason out with him strictly.

  8. How would you look after the guests who are foreign nationals and know nothing about the city?

    Answer: I would act in a friendly and responsible manner with the guests. I will ensure that I set a good example of hospitality of my hotel, city and country. I will arrange transport system for the guests to go around the city.

    I will prepare an itinerary for them if they wish to tour the city. I will suggest good names of restaurants, museums, parks and other places for them to visit. Also, I will offer them local delicacies and authentic food of their country, so that they dont feel alienated during their visit.

  9. Will you be able to handle stress and specially manage late working hours?

    Answer: Yes. I have the experience of working in the hotel industry and am familiar with the challenges faced by the hotel industry. I am comfortable working till late hours or for continuous hours.

    Our hotels provided either transport services or quarter service to the members who are staying back. Hence, commuting or accommodation were never a problem. As far as stress is concerned, I feel my patience levels and organizational skills help me to manage work stress proficiently.

  10. How do you define hospitality?

    Answer: To me, hospitality is ensuring that every guest who comes to the hotel leaves with a smile. I believe that guests visit hotels to enjoy a comfortable stay, and they should not be disappointed in any way. Hence, I will make sure that guests receive every bit of comfort and luxury during their stay, be it with food, travel or stay.

These hotel interview questions show the most typical questions asked for any position at the hotel. We hope that these interview questions will help the job seekers to appear for the interview tests.

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