How to Answer Tricky Interview Questions

Interviews are testing grounds, where the candidates are tested for hardworking potential, smartness and flexibility. They are excellent opportunities if approached with ample preparation. The interviewer can create situations to test candidate's stress level. In such instances, the candidate should remain calm and understand the motive behind the questions.

Interviewers also have different methods to find the true character of the candidate. One such method is the addition of tricky questions. Tricky questions are inserted in the interview between normal questions to create traps for the candidate. Some tricky interview questions and answers are listed.

What is your biggest success till date?

This question appears regularly at the start of the interview. Information about successfully completed projects can be furnished here. It would be apt to talk about accomplishments that relate to the company's products and services. It is a chance to express your interests in the field.

What is your weakness?

A common trick to make the candidate say 'I get up at 8 in the morning'; 'I am addicted to movies' etc. This is a place the candidate has to make his strengths sound as weaknesses. 'I work too hard that I have forgotten my lunch a couple of times' would be a better answer.

What is your biggest failure?

This is surely not a place to describe a failure. A problem with this question is that many people answer honestly. An interviewer will surely not recruit a person with failures. It is better to give an answer similar to the weakness question. Tell about a success story and highlight a small mistake as a big failure.

How do you rate your boss in terms of decision-making?

The trickiest of all tricky questions that expects you to express real impressions about your boss. Most candidates, especially the ones less experienced are caught here. It is not recommended to give negative thoughts about your boss, especially when it is true. Talk about a wise decision made by your boss that increased the productivity or increased the morale of the team.

How comfortable are you with a boss younger than you are?

Give an answer like 'I respect talent regardless of age'. It can impress the interviewer a lot.

You have a gap in your career.

Find genuine reasons to fill that gap like, 'I joined a full-time training course'.

How long will you stay?

A long duration would be the best answer. A long duration would mean 5 years and not 25.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Interviewers would expect the candidate to stay in their company for that duration. 'I can see myself growing with your company with more responsibilities' would be perfect.

What are your salary expectations?

This is a not-so-tricky question for experienced candidates. If you could spend some time collecting information about the company, it would be easy to ask for a reasonable amount. Freshers could be trapped in this question by asking for less than their actual potential.

Tricky questions in interviews can be overcome easily, if handled with patience.

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