How to Dress for an Interview

An influential attire lies as one of the important reason behind every successful professional. Since an interview is a place for self marketing, a business grade dressing would make marvels. Your dressing has to be given equal emphasis as much as the technical part. Professional attire creates an impression and enables the interviewer to judge you in a moment. Power dressing gives you the looks of a confident and successful professional.

The Common Idea :

Most people think of interviews as places where importance is given only to the intellect of the candidate and has nothing to do with the dressing and looks. If you are one of them, you surely are on the wrong side. Especially in case of management and marketing professionals, power dressing is a part of their job. Attire rendering you a successful look is quintessential for success in an interview.

The Code :

Dressing code for interviews are mostly conservative suits. The suit must be chosen such that it gives you an elegant posture, confident look amidst bright eyes and an expressive face. A good example is television news readers. The power dressing makes the news readers feel the importance of their job and gives a commanding voice with no stammering. The same will be the effect in interviews too.

Interview attire for men include :

Interview attire for women include :

Remember :

In a nutshell, interview attire should reflect what you are and what you want to be. It should make the interviewer feel that the candidate is a complete and successful professional.

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