How to Get an Interview

An interview is the litmus test for you to qualify for a job. What if you are in a situation where you don't get an interview? It denotes that you may have a piece missing in your puzzle and if you want to solve the puzzle, you have to find the missing piece. A few possible missing pieces are listed below.

Clean up your resume : Your resume may contain some unwanted information that may affect the recruiter's judgment. Look for sections like hobbies, sports, and quotes like 'I would like to open a cake shop when I am 40' and remove it immediately. Remember the company is looking for professionals.

Power up your resume :

Cleaning up can make your resume tidy, but to be productive your resume needs to be powerful. Include power words, highlight your skills, use a good-looking, readable font size and arrange information in a way that it grabs the recruiter's attention.

Certification :

Certifications are a useful way to improve your qualification and impress the recruiter. For example if you are good at Java but cannot prove this to the recruiter, take a certification exam and highlight it in the summary section on the first page of your resume.

Expand your circle :

You may not be getting a job because you are probably searching only in high profile companies. Expand your circle and try in smaller companies. Startup companies provide great opportunities to learn and grow.

Research about companies :

Research is very important for a job seeker. Plunge into the vast ocean called the internet and you will find many companies requiring people like you. Find more companies on job websites. Upload your resume to such sites and update it regularly.

Find contacts :

Know more people to get a good job. A friend of your cousin may be a wizard in your field. Find such people and get help. Remember not to bug them a lot. Contacts can be increased by using social networking sites. Finding a person who can refer you to his organization is the icing on the cake.

Reference letter :

Make sure you get letters of recommendation/reference from your contacts. Your ex-boss or college professor can give you these kinds of letters. Such references add value to your resume and enter the recruiter's wish list with ease.

Cover letter :

A cover letter reflecting exactly what you are looking for is essential. Cover letters are gateways to resumes. Recruiters look at cover letters before getting to the resume. A good cover letter is surely the missing piece of many job seekers' puzzles.

Enquire by phone :

This is a practical technique that many people forget to use. Contact the recruiter by phone, talk about the advertisement, and express your interest. If you get a chance to speak to the head of the department you are applying for, tell him/her about your experience and education, your interests.

Submit resume in person :

Submitting the resume in person is a valuable tactic worth trying. Recruiters are usually impressed by this. It is also a chance to go to the company and look at their work culture.

Follow up :

After you submit your resume, call or email the recruiter to follow up the on the selection procedure. Following up shows your interest and attitude to strive towards success.

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