How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview

Introducing yourself is the first step in an interview. It is a chance to impress the interviewer and helps to turn the advantage towards you. Interview introduction starts with proper preparation, etiquette and ends with good communication. It is advisable to get prepared for the interview in advance. Make sure you are dressed for success. Check for proper hair, nails, teeth and fresh breath. Reach the venue well in advance. Switch off cell phones before entering.

The door to the future :
It is important to knock the door before you enter. It is the basic etiquette that if ignored, irritates interviewers. Some people forget this and enter the interview with a bad start.

The handshake
One of the most important actions for success in interviews is the handshake. The handshake is a trademark of every successful individual. A handshake in an interview should be confident and firm, not bone crushing. A weak handshake will render a negative impression. A full palm-to-palm contact is mandatory and a few up-down shakes would be enough. An important factor is that your hands must be free from sweat. Look in the interviewer's eye during the handshake.

Introductions :
After the handshake, sit only after the interviewer asks you to sit. The first question is 'tell about yourself'. This is a weighted question because you can tell a lot of information about yourself. The secret lies in understanding the interviewer's requirement and giving the answer. This question is to verify information from your resume, so give only the correct information. The answer can contain information about:

The name is required, even after the introduction in the handshake, to verify the name and spelling in the interviewer's list. Family information should be given here only to a lesser extent. For example, 'my father is an engineer and my inspiration to take up this field of study'.

Freshers should focus on the educational information. A person with 3 years experience does not need to talk about the internship projects, but has to focus on the experience gained in the 3 years. You can express your strengths as hardworking, smart thinking and being a problem solver.

The interests told in the interview would reach better if they are related to the company's product line. Goals can also be mentioned, depending upon the time consumed until now. Your goals mentioned should be professional enough to match the company's long-term policies. 'I would like to start a fast food restaurant' is not a goal that the interviewer would expect in an interview.

Dos and Don'ts :

Dos :

Don't :

An optimistic introduction will help the interview to proceed smoothly.

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