Immigration Interviews Techniques

Most people immigrate to other countries for better job prospects and eventually a better living option. Marriage is another reason why people choose to immigrate to another country. While these are valid reasons for immigration along with a legal backing, wars and hostilities between countries can also trigger illegal immigrations.

Immigration interviews are legal formalities that keep the immigration population under check. Illegal immigrants, people living under fake documentation etc. come to light with these interviews. And most importantly, in today's world immigration interviews come to the rescue, when terrorism needs to be curbed at a grass root level.

Countries design stringent immigration laws. Eventually, these interviews are nerve racking and tough to crack. Immigration authorities draw up a strict interview with zero leniency. This leaves the applicants with no choice but to prepare accurately with all of their papers, certificates, photos and other necessary documents.

There are host of rules and regulations to be eligible for immigration to a country. These rules are country specific. The basic criterion for eligibility is the reason for immigration. Applications, documentation, verification, interviews etc. follow closely.

In the United States of America, the Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) handles immigration procedures. An officer from the bureau conducts the interview in a comprehensive manner. Questions based on the submitted documents and related to personal information are asked during the verification round. Applicants have to take care not to arouse suspicion in the officer's mind and provide honest answers. An applicant's acceptance or rejection relies totally on the observations made by the interviewing authority.

USCIS also allows immigration applicants to hire an attorney during the interview to help them out in case of difficulties. However, arrangement for an attorney should be made well before the interview. Any kind of chaos or confusion during the interview will not be taken lightly.

Similarly, in case immigrants have communication problems, they can bring along with them an interpreter. Again, there are certain rules regarding hiring an interpreter. This interpreter has the moral responsibility to interpret the questions and answers as they are. Interpreters should avoid reframing or rephrasing the questions or answers for the fear of changing their meaning. The implications may be disastrous in such cases. Thus, interpreters need to be specifically detailed about the entire interview process.

Immigration authorities are known to minutely scrutinize every small thing about the applicants. Searching for an answer, trying to deliberately deviate from the truth, changing claims, continuously referring to the documents are seen in a negative light. Often they evoke suspicion in the minds of the authorities.

Keeping the interview simple and to the point is the master key to a successful immigration interview. Simple, however, means without loop holes. Authorities can be won over with maximum amount of preparation, perfect documentation and straight answers at the interview.

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