Informational Interview Questions

Interview is a process that constitutes different phases. From the point of view of an interviewer, it is a way to learn more about the candidate more than just his/her qualifications for the job. There are many things an interviewer should know, and the interviewee should reveal. Therefore, some informational interview questions are asked in order to know what all an individual possesses and what he/she actually is, apart from a potential candidate for the position.

Informational interview questions should be asked in the initial stage of the interview so that the candidate is able to become comfortable in conversing. For the interviewee, answering these questions is a way to display the communication skills and the ability to engage the interviewer by answering in an interesting manner. As an interviewer, you can ask as many questions you want, provided that those are not much personal in nature.

Some informational interview questions and suggested answers are provided for the ease of both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Question 1: What is your current position?

Answer: The interviewee should describe the job duties in brief along with the job title. Job duties vary slightly for the same job titles in different organizations. Therefore, to clarify any doubts that the interviewer has in his/her mind, you should make your role clear.

Question 2: What do you like and dislike the most about your job?

Answer: Every job in this world has its own pros and cons. You may choose to answer this question diplomatically or point out things that you feel sometimes raise a problem in the course of the job. You should, however, try to put your point across in a calm manner so that the interviewer feels that it is just your power of observation that is affected by the problems and not your psyche.

Question 3: Point out the most significant skills you possess.

Answer: Everybody loves to praise oneself. But this is not the right place to go gaga over yourself. Describe the characteristics that you feel are your strengths and justify the significance of those skills in relevance to the profession.

Question 4: What changes do you feel have a positive/negative effect on this sector?

Answer: As a professional, you are expected to have open eyes and ears and stay updated with the latest advancements in the profession while analyzing the factors that you feel have contributed to the progress or regress of this sector. This will create an impression that you are aware of what is happening around and its short term and long term implications.

Question 5: What encouraged you to choose this profession?

Answer: There is some motivation behind a person choosing a specific profession. You need to describe the factors that made you choose this profession. Whether you had an inherent interest or you are simple awestruck with the avenues a profession has to offer, discuss it with the interviewer.

Question 6: Why did you choose this organization?

Answer: Apart from the fact that you are looking for a job switch, you have to give a concrete reason as to why you have chosen to apply in this organization.

Question 7: How do you cope up with stress?

Answer: Stress in inevitable. However, letting it affect your productivity is something that can jeopardize your career. Explain about the measures you take to handle stress that arises with the work pressure and how do you help the co-workers in the same.

Question 8: What shift do you prefer? Do you feel flexible shifts are beneficial than a fixed schedule?

Answer: Whatever you feel is the best schedule for the job, tell it to the interviewer. Still, do not forget to state that if required, you will be able to adapt according to the requirements and work in rotational shifts with equal efficiency and dedication.

Question 9: What according to you is the biggest reward? Is it recognition, promotion, or monetary benefits?

Answer: Do not hesitate to put your point across here. Frankly speak about what you feel is the biggest reward for an employee from your perspective.

Question 10: What would be the biggest breakthrough in this sector in the next five years?

Answer: An aptitude to look beyond the obvious and forecast things in the long term is the need of the day. You need to look at the long term trends and identify what could be the major breakthrough that will change the way the sector is organized and functioning.

Apart from the questions and answers we have listed above, the interviewer may feel free to formulate and ask other questions in order to learn more about the candidate. This would ensure that all the necessary information is known and the interviewee is given a chance to prove his/her overall compatibility for the job.

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