Insurance Sales Interview Questions

Insurance can be sold only by solicitation. A good insurance sales representative must exert his convincing power and persuasiveness to strike a valuable sale. Be it a life, medical or vehicle insurance, an insurance sales person has to put in a lot of efforts to bag the deal.

Interviewers search for all these skills while interviewing and only the best stands a chance to get selected. Here are a few questions that interviewers ask insurance sales job applicants.

After these initial interviewing questions, the interviewers will want to know deeper about your knowledge and experience in the insurance sector. A host of questions with regards to the technical aspect of insurance and, your evaluation for the job will begin at this section. While, it is implied that your knowledge about the subject should be perfect, you can stand a better chance of being selected, by keeping yourself abreast with the latest insurance news.

Here are some more questions that can be a part of the interview.

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