Interview Feedback Tips

Nowadays, most candidates often face a dilemma when companies do not communicate to them the outcome of interview. While those who are selected are intimidated immediately; those who are not, often find themselves waiting for a call from the company.

It is to be understood that the outcome is unfavorable, if the company does not call within the decided time period. Ideally, Human Resource managers are supposed to communicate the result of the interview to the candidates. However, most of them prefer not to call and let the candidates understand for themselves that they no longer have a requirement for the given post.

In case you have not made it through the interview, it is necessary that you review your performance, rate it and take actions to improve the imperfections. Altering your resume, cover letters, way of dressing, manner of speaking may still not bring you success with the interviews.

The best way to conduct a thorough review would be to ask the interviewers for a feedback of your interview. A feedback is a great way to know where you stand. It shows you the areas where you lack and need improvement. It will help you to perform better in the coming interviews and finally secure a good job.

Many interviewers may not be open to give you a feedback regarding the interview. Thus, candidates have to design a careful approach to the whole process. Most candidates are perplexed as they do not know how to ask for a feedback. They should keep in mind certain points while approaching the companies for an interview feedback.

A feedback after an interview provides important pointers to improve and gear you better for the next one. Thus, instead of feeling dejected at rejections in the job market; take the opportunity to ask for feedbacks from the interviewers that will help you in the long run.

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