How to Follow Up After an Interview

The chance of excelling in an interview lies on multiple factors. Good communication skills, knowledge of the subject, sense of using proper etiquettes, are some factors. Sometimes follow ups can be advantageous to impress your employer.

The common mistake :

People apply for the job, get a call for the interview and just wait for the interviewer's response. If there is no answer from the company, it would be considered a failure. A follow up can bring back the candidate from forgotten mode to the interviewing desk or the job desk. Follow up also creates a good impression in the employer about the candidate's communication skills.

Start from the end :

A follow up begins exactly at the end of an interview. For a proper follow up, the candidate should collect contact information from the employer during or after the interview. The information obtained should contain:

The candidate should thank the interviewer for the opportunity. Some interviewers may not feel comfortable to be contacted on their personal numbers and some companies would not entertain a follow up as they inform the candidate only if selected.

Thank you letter :

A letter expressing gratitude for the opportunity is the first phase of the actual follow up process. The letter should express the candidate's interest in the company and list some points left out in the interview. The thank you letter should be sent immediately after the interview.

Thank you letter sample :

  Dear Mr. Interviewer's name

    Thank you, for giving me your precious time. I am interested to work for your company I believe that I would be a better fit for the Accountant position. I am eagerly looking forward to hear from you.

  Regards, Your name

Follow up email :

An email follow is required if the company has not responded in 3-4 days. The follow up email should show the candidate's professionalism and involvement in the opportunity. It should create a positive notion in the interviewer.

Follow up email sample :

 Dear Mr. Interviewer's name

  I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity. The work atmosphere and the enthusiasm in your company have impressed me. I would like to be a part of your organization, and I believe that I would be an added asset for the company. Please contact me on my cell phone for any information.

 Regards, Your name

Follow up phone call :

The candidate can follow up the process by contacting the interviewer or recruiter by phone. Interviews can be followed up by phone from 7-10 days. It is to express the candidate's keenness and interest in joining the company. Frequent phone calls should be avoided as it may irritate interviewers.

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