Interview Questions for Sales

A job in the sales sector is the most demanding of all, because the hardest thing in life is to sell. There is absolutely no difference in selling a motorcar, cellphone, television, insurance policy, or even a needle. You need to be fast. You need to be charming. You need to be precise. And above all, you need to know how to convince people without letting them feel that they are being robbed of their hard earned money. You need to prove them the worth of the product or service you are selling. Thus, getting a job in this profession is impossible if you are not able to answer the interview questions for sales job and convince the employer that out there in the market, you will be the one who will bring in maximum sales and ultimately, revenues for the organization.

As a sales professional, you need to do more than just sales. Sales is just a fraction of what selling is about. First, you need to learn all about what you are going to sell and then identify the people who are going to buy what you have to sell. It involves a lot of research, paperwork, communication, strategizing, and calculate the various variables. Thus, you not just need to be a salesman at a time, but your existence has to be that of a multi-talented individual who knows not only how to tread on the path to success and glory, but also how to lay it down.

To make your place as a sales professional, you should read and understand the following questions and answers. It will help you to understand how you need to answer the questions without sitting and responding without knowing what the employer wants to know through the question.

1 Are You Familiar With The City/region?

Answer: You need to be familiar of the area where you are going to work, because sales may require you to travel to nearby and remote locations to meet the clients. If you have moved to the city recently, then make sure that you spend some time to learn about the geography of the area and the way the market is segregated.

2: What Do You Think Makes You A Coveted Salesperson?

Answer: Tell the interviewer about the skills that you possess and what you think is the quality that makes you a productive professional. Be honest with what you tell here, because you will have to showcase the same skill-set when employed.

3: How Do You Handle Irate Clients?

Answer: There are going to be instances when a client gets irate due to negligence of the salesperson, a faulty product, or a service that has been overcharged. You need to tell about an incident or two where you managed to convince the client.

4: What Do You Find More Challenging? Handling Several Clients Or Handling One Big Client?

Answer: Here, being selective will not help you, because it will be a sign of you being non flexible: a vice for any professional in this universe. You need to be open to both the options.

5: What Do You Like The Most About This Profession?

Answer: You need to explain what is the most attractive thing about sales, apart from the fact that it allows you to earn a livelihood. May be you find it challenging and rewarding to meet and sell different clients, or it fulfills your sense of being a productive employee for the organization by contributing in the revenue through sales.

6: What Are Your Long Term Career Goal?

Answer: Without having an aim in life, it is not worth to tread a path. You need to be clear of your goals and objectives in both personal and professional life. Whatever your plans are for future, discuss it with the interviewer. It highlights your planning skills and your ambitious attitude; a must to become an achiever.

7: What Is The Most Challenging Situation You Have Ever Faced In Your Life? How Did You Overcome That Challenge?

Answer: Life is a Pandora box of challenges. You face challenges in every walk of life and with each challenge, you learn something new. Describe a challenge that you feel has largely influenced you and has given you a life long lesson that can also be of help for others.

8: What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Answer: Be open to negotiate for the salary you want. Just remember to state a reasonable range which you are comfortable with. You should also discuss the allowances and incentive schemes apart from the basic salary offered.

These interview questions for sales job will help you to perform confidently during the interview as you know how to answer the questions. All the best!

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