Interview Techniques for Teachers

When recruiting for an important job such as a teacher, ample care must be taken in order to bring out the best of the interview - for the interviewer, as well as the interviewee. A teacher is a highly respected individual in the society. Thus, it is obligatory that every candidate is treated with equal respect and courtesy.

Interviewing Techniques for Teachers

The correct technique to begin an interview is with formal greetings. Initial niceties will ward off the tense situation, and help the candidate get accustomed to the interview environment.

When both the parties have finally settled down, it is time to begin the actual interview. Again here, the interviewer is expected to ask some warm up questions, before the grueling question and answer round. Questions based on educational and professional backgrounds, general personality questions etc. are acceptable to commence the interview with.

Gradually, when the interviewee is feeling comfortable and, is fairly well acquainted with you, the interviewer may ask more intense questions. Make sure that these questions should bring out candidate's qualities, competencies and talents. Try to invade the territory where you can gain access to intricate details and information about the candidate by asking specific questions.

Listen attentively to candidates. Prepare notes so that you won't miss out any important detail provided by him/ her. Ask for clarification or elaboration wherever necessary.

In his/ her previous employment, the candidate must have handled various projects or activities. Ask them to speak and explain about them in detail. Closely review their previous work. This will give you an insight into the candidate's planning and execution skills. It will also help in bringing out a different facet of the candidate's personality.

Another technique that will pinpoint the personality traits of the candidate is behavioral interviewing. Teacher must be understanding, emphatic and above all, a guide to the students. Behavioral questions will help in ascertaining these qualities.

Remember to discuss the current scenario of teachers/students conditions in state or country. Examine their take on the whole subject. Invite their views and ideas, while asking them to justify their stand. Ask them if they can provide solutions to the problems. Welcome their suggestions and approach.

Finally, while closing the interview, provide them with basic information about the salary range, work timings and the duties and responsibilities in store for them. This will give them a direction to think about, before arriving at a decision to accept the opportunity or reject it.

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