How to Overcome Weakness in an Interview

Interviews are places to highlight one's abilities. A common interview scenario consists of a candidate, one or more interviewers and a tense room. The room is tense only in terms of the candidate. Most candidates feel the pressure once they enter the interview room. Invariable of the candidate's abilities to excel in the job interview, most people lose confidence. Losing confidence is mainly due to the thought of inability to answer questions.

The thought of inability turns into a person's weakness and in most cases, ruins the chances of clearing the interview. Weakness in an interview may also appear due to lack of preparation. When an interviewer questions about a new technology or his/her company's products, the candidate can get in an uncomfortable position. To overcome this, preparation is compulsory.

Weakness in interviews can relate to three situations:

Escaping from showing off one's weakness leaves the candidate with two options. Overcoming or masking it. Overcoming a weakness requires a lot of confidence. It needs the basic understanding that weakness is psychological. Weakness is a fear that develops in the mind that- if given ample time and situation can control the person physically. Overcoming fear is practiced before the interview. Masking weakness in an interview happens onsite. For a candidate with a weakness, masking it is not easy. The candidate can try not to show off his weakness by smiling. An untimely smile can upset the entire situation. Overcoming is much better than masking a weakness.

What is your biggest weakness?
This is one of the trickiest questions like 'What are your blind spots?' question. If a person knows his/her blind spots, it is no more a blind spot. It becomes a known weakness. The answer to the weakness question should be answered carefully.

The answer should not focus on a real weakness. Showing strength as a weakness is a good way to answer. 'I work hard without noticing the time' would be a good option. However, this answer is frequently used by candidates and abundantly heard by interviewers. A creative answer could create a positive impression.

A real weakness expressed in the answer would be taken directly into the scoring sheets by the interviewer. All interviewers know the fact that everyone has a weakness. Therefore, it is better to give one instead of saying 'I don't have a weakness' or 'My biggest weakness is my biggest strength'.

To overcome weakness and gain confidence a few things need to be taken care of before the interview.

A strong technical knowledge gives a lot of confidence to answer any question. An interviewer would always be impressed to see a person with a fair amount of technical knowledge and skills.

Company research is crucial. Information about the company and its products is necessary. Information gained in this regard can be used between answers to create an impression.

It is required that you/You must practice to talk in a clear voice in the interview. Incase of an interview speech or presentation, rehearsal is required at least two times.

Taking advice from seniors and elders helps to tackle weaknesses. It also creates confidence.

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