Law Internship Interview Questions

Interning at a law firm is a foundation step to being a successful lawyer. Law internships teach you the intricacies of the legal world since you have to work in tandem with the other lawyers. Many law firms offer internships to freshly graduated law students. These students get an opportunity to debut their careers with these law firms albeit in the form of internships.

A great deal of preparation is required to intern at a renowned law firm. First of all, your academic performance should be impressive. While good grades may not necessarily attract the attention of the interviewers, bad scores will definitely be questioned upon. Secondly, you will be in direct contact with the firm's clients. So, brush up your communications skills and make sure it is evident during the interview.

Majority of the questions are based on the training provided by the college. Interviewing questions also include a peek into the candidates' future goals, expectations and performance.

Following are the interview questions that a law intern can expect to be asked during the interview.

General Questions :

Job Performance Review :

Self-Assessment :

Internship Objectives :

At the end, the interviewers may ask you, in case you need to resolve any queries. Do ask a few questions that will tell you more about the firm and their internship program.

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