How to Prepare for Librarian Interview

Knowledge is a prime mover in the world of science, technology, engineering, inventions and discoveries. People gain knowledge by reading books mostly. Books are a valuable source of information and are stored to preserve and utilize the knowledge in them. A library is a collection of books carrying valuable information. The main difference between an archive and a library is that the library contains books and other information resources for daily reading; whereas, an archive is a collection of documents and other information resources of historic value preserved with restricted access.

A librarian is a person in charge of the library. The role of a librarian is to collect and arrange books, periodicals and other resources in an orderly fashion, easily accessible by the user. The aim of the library is fulfilled only when the resources are readily available for the end user. In case of a school, college or university, end users are students. The importance of a librarian is understood when you need to find the study material instantly.

Preparation for a librarian interview is quite different from an engineering or software technologist interview. The librarian's job can be a hobby. The librarian interview generally consists of questions that explore the organized nature and an affinity towards books and reading. The following are the preparations required for a librarian job interview.

The master key to success is the informational worth of a resume. The contents of a resume should reflect the actual knowledge and skills of the candidate. Highlighting and powering up the resume with keywords is a good option. A librarian's resume should contain information about education, internships and experience in the mentioned field. Extra knowledge gained through web-based sources should appear.

Gaining experience in the required field is necessary. For fresh graduates, an internship can work wonders. Schools and colleges that require one librarian for their small to medium sized libraries will advertise for one post only. An experienced candidate can excel in such situations.

Favorite book
A librarian without interest in reading cannot fit the job. A librarian should have a serious reading habit and a favorite book. The librarian is always expected to know everything about his/her favorite book.

Famous authors
A librarian's knowledge directory should include information about famous authors, their titles, historic writers and writings, speeches etc. such knowledge is helpful in organizing the library and finding the required information quickly.

Books of the computer world transform into digital formats. A librarian should possess knowledge about electronic books, file formats, software and hardware required to open and read them.

Numerous software are available in the market to construct libraries. Software not only helps in constructing libraries, it also helps in maintaining book lending, returning data and searching for requested titles. Up to date information about the software and devices is necessary.

Websites, online libraries
Web based sources providing access to valuable books is useful for students and professionals. A librarian should know about the websites, access method, types and formats of books available in the resource. Online libraries are sources to preserve valuable material without damage.

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