Manual Testing Interview Questions

Are you preparing for an interview? You are extremely stressed and tensed about success? Wondering what could be the frequently asked questions in a manual testing interview? Do not worry, we are here to give you a list of manual testing interview questions for your preparation. Go through the questions and answers thoroughly. We have also provided few tips for handling certain questions.

Manual testing is the process of testing the software before it is presented or released to the end users. In this process, the defects and failures are detected manually. While performing the tests, the software application is validated to meet the requirements of end users and effective usage and accessibility. The stages involved in manual testing include unit testing, integration testing, software testing, user acceptance testing, deployment testing, etc.


Tell us something about yourself.

This is the most common question that begins an interview process. This question is posed to know about you and your qualifications. The interviewer will also assess your communication and inter personal skills through this question. Make sure that you begin the session with an impressive answer and create that 'first impression' on the interviewers.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Again this is another common question. Never deny or disagree about your weaknesses. Be frank to express your points of strengths (like technical ability, hardworking/passionate/analytical/flexible/team player, etc.) and weaknesses (stress on the professional front rather than personal ones).

Why do you want to change the current job?

This is a typical question through which an interviewer wants to know why you are looking for a new job. Never say anything against or negative about the current employer. Rather give a simple answer in terms of your career objective like 'looking for a new career opportunity', ' want to grow in my career', etc.

Why did you want to enter the manual testing field and what preparations did you take to make a strong base?

"I have developed interest in the software field since I was in school. I always had the interest to join and explore this field. That's the reason I have pursued my studies in information technology field."

"My base in manual testing took a strong turn when I started studying about software testing methods and manual testing concepts. I have hands on experience in automation and bugging tools. I even have a diploma in software testing. Currently, I have more than two years of work experience in testing and QA."

What skill do you possess to carry out the manual testing job efficiently?

"I have in-depth knowledge of manual testing concepts and QA. As you can see in my resume, I do have programming language skills apart from testing basics. If you hire me, you will definitely be able to see my analytical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills at various stages of work."

Is a test plan and a QA plan same?

"No. Test plan is a document that portrays the test requirements, objectives and the list of necessary steps to be taken while testing a certain product. It is the method of assessing and preventing the defects before the testing job is carried out."

What is QC?

"QC is known as quality control, a product oriented concept of detecting the errors and maintaining the quality of the product, while QA is process oriented and prevents the process of software development."

What is a test case?

"A test case is a document containing a set of inputs, conditions or events which determine the smooth running or functioning of a software application."

Assume that you do not have a requirement list, but you have to run a test on an application. How will you do that?

"In that case, the test plan has to be documented with proper assumptions only."

What are the different types in manual testing?

"Few of the different types of manual testing are:

What is a bug? How can you handle it?

"A bug appears while running a program, when there is a mismatch in software application. When a bug is detected, more test sessions are supposed to be carried out to detect the main error. A bug can either be logical or syntax." (You can expand this answer adding your bug tracking experiences)

So how can you differentiate debugging and testing?

"Debugging is done by a developer who finds the error and fixes them. But a tester's responsibility is only to detect the defects or errors."

What will be your test strategy?

"If I am handling a manual testing session, my strategy will include an effective plan as to how to test, what method to apply, which applications are to be tested, etc. It will also include QA analysis so that bugs can be avoided."

Mention some of the manual testing experiences with your current employer.

This question is asked to know if you have genuinely carried out direct, front-end or back-end testing jobs. Speak the truth and relate your answer to your resume.

Who do you think is a good tester?

"A good tester is the one who is aware of the testing methodologies. He/she should know the requirements of the users and test accordingly. A good tester will follow a test plan and be familiar with the development processes."

The above manual testing interview questions will guide you to prepare your answers well. We endeavor to boost your self confidence while attending an interview. This is only possible if you have a clear knowledge on the subject area, along with other eligible qualifications. So best of luck and start getting ready for a bright career ahead!

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