MBA Interview Questions

MBA interview questions are asked to a candidate who has passed the qualifying test or MBA exam and group discussion process. MBA is Master of Business Administration and is considered to be one of the most respected higher qualifications across various disciplines. Cracking an MBA exam is not an easy job. A candidate who gets through the exam and scores good percentile can pursue their studies. To qualify for an MBA course, you need to pass an exam, a group discussion (GD) and an interview process successfully.

MBA courses are designed to prepare a student to face the business world. The varied areas of business in which you can pursue an MBA course are finance, accounting, marketing, human resource, operations management, information technology and so on. Business schools across the countries offer courses on these branches in full-time, part-time or distant learning programs. An experienced individual with years of work experience can also hold an MBA degree though executive MBA programs. Business schools may be accredited by external bodies or run privately.

Before you decide to join an MBA institute, you have to prepare yourself for an interview session to qualify for the program and pursue your studies. Read few questions and answers below and be confident to join your course soon.


We have provided the most frequently asked MBA interview questions above. Read them and prepare yourself well for the interview. Note that further questions on current affairs/ general knowledge or personal interest may also be posed by an interviewer.

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