Medical Assistant Interview Questions

A medical assistant is one of the most valuable professionals in the health care industry. A candidate looking for a job in this position requires essential education and skills to perform their duties efficiently. In order to get the job, you need to answer all medical assistant interview questions correctly. It is extremely important to practice and prepare yourself before attending the interview.

Medical assistants perform the administrative and clinical duties for smooth running of daily medical duties. He/she may be associated with any type of health care organizations (like hospitals, clinics, laboratory, nursing homes, etc.) to provide their valuable services. Some of the job responsibilities include handling the patient's admission and discharge, recording their daily reports and vital signs, helping the doctors and nurses, taking dictations and doing pathological duties amongst a host of other duties.

The questions asked in the interview involve several technical and work related questions to assess your knowledge and capabilities suitable for the relevant position. To help you prepare for the interview, we have presented a list of probable questions that an interview panel may ask you.

Typical Questions Asked in a Medical Assistant Interview

What attracts you to this job?

You have to focus on your aim of being associated with this respectable heath care organization to serve the patients and help them recover.

“It's a job filled with compassion and care for others. I fell proud that I can contribute in making a person's life healthier.”

How long have you been associated with this job? What were your responsibilities in your previous job?

Give the list of your job responsibilities carried out in brief. Concentrate on the challenging and accomplished duties more than the regular tasks.

“I have been working in this position since the last two years in XX hospital. During this period, I have been assisting the medical professionals at all stages. I have enough skills to handle laboratory tests and functions as well. It was last year when my presence of mind and perseverance had helped me to attend an emergency patient with appropriate medication even before that doctor arrived....”

Who do you think is a good medical assistant according to you?

“I feel that a good medical assistant is the one who can perform his/her duty with dedication and hard work. He/she should be passionate to serve people and help the medical staff to perform their job duties efficiently. A good medical assistant must have good communication and interpersonal skills to deal with patients, families and the medical staff.”

What have you done to become a medical assistant?

Mention your academic qualifications. Do not give any false statements as your background check may reveal all information about you. Put more stress on the field related education that you have pursued including any training/s undergone or certification courses. You may also mention about your internship job experience and any other on-the job-training or off-the-job work experience.

Why did you come here for the interview? What do you know about us?

Through this question, the interviewer wants to be clear about your goals and interests. Thus, state your main objective of attending the interview (to get the respectable job in this respectable health care provider, etc.).

Remember, you have to research about the organization before you go for the interview. Know each and every detail including their mission and vision. Let the employer know as to how you can be suitable to be a part of this organization.

How do you handle an aggressive patient who is hard to convince?

This will project your abilities to handle pressure or any critical situation/s. Give examples from your professional life where you have handled such patients or other such behaviors of the patients effectively. Emphasize on some of your skills like patience, perseverance, good listening ability, good counseling ability, etc., which have helped you to handle these situations.

Freshers in this field may relate examples from on-the-job or off-the-job training programs or internship programs.

Who is a nurse and how are you different from them?

This question is mostly directed to an entry level candidate. Prepare yourself for the answer which will prove that you are well versed with the responsibilities. Make sure that you are clear with the job responsibilities of both these professionals. Beware of the misconception and understand that a medical assistant and a nurse is different from each other in terms of their duties and functions.

Have you worked with doctors and surgeons in the past?

“Yes I have always assisted senior doctors and surgeons...” You may give the respective doctor or surgeon's name/s if required.

How good are you in doing administrative duties?

Be confident and explain that you are capable of performing these duties efficiently. Provide the list of duties that you have done or have the capability of doing the same.

Do you want a 'nine to six' job or you are ready to work in shifts?

This question is asked to check if you have time bindings and if you have a committed nature. Hoping that you are flexible in this profession, we expect you to answer positively.

“Medical jobs are not restricted to fixed timings. I will always be available to work extra hours/in shifts/during emergencies, beyond my regular working hour schedule.”

We hope that you are feeling more comfortable and ready to face the medical interview questions by now. Please note that the list of technical questions may extend more. These are most commonly asked questions by the US health care providers. If you have the necessary qualifications and have done your homework on the interview questions and answers , you can surely face the panel confidently.

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