Medical Interview Questions

Medical or health care industry is a critical field which needs specialized care and service for smooth running of all medical functions and operations. It aims to meet the health and health care needs of the country and its people. Thus, it is important for the medical job seekers to possess the necessary education, qualification and specialized skills to carry out the critical job responsibilities. While recruiting a medical professional, detailed medical interview questions are asked to check their suitability.

Whether you are an entry level or an experienced professional in this field, you must be aware of the important tips to be followed during an interview process to attain success. If you want to clear the interview and attain the respective job position, you have to work hard to achieve your goal. Preparation for the interview in terms of the frequently asked questions and answers will ensure success in getting the job or at least getting selected for the next round of recruitment process. Here are some question and suggested answers/tips to help you get ready for the interview. Read them carefully and personalize the answers according to your criteria.

Probable List of Interview Questions

What are your points of weaknesses? Will they come between you and your work?

If an interviewer starts an interview with a negative question, then be sure that he/she wants to judge your abilities to handle negative situations. Be confident while answering this question and do not try to hide your weakness. Never take much time to answer this and try to give just one weakness. Stay away from personal aspect and stress on a weak professional trait you have. Also, convince that you are constantly working on overcoming it and also that it will not come as a hindrance in your work.

What brought you to the medical profession?

You can explain about your personal desire to join this profession. This is a respectable profession and requires a sheer amount of commitment and passion to be associated with it. Thus, gauge your answer with the level of commitment and passion you possess towards this field.

For example - improve health care facility, serve people and their health, interesting field, etc.

What special qualities in you will compel us to hire you?

Explain your qualities, education, training and experiences that will benefit the organization. Also, mention about the personal traits you possess to carry out the job responsibilities without any problems. Something like, "I feel that my experience and knowledge will add value to your organization......"

Why do you consider this organization/hospital as your preferred place of work?

This question is intended to know about your career goal and whether it is just another job vacancy opportunity for you to apply. Do your research about the organization before the interview and try to convince that the specific organizational functions, the vision and mission have inspired you to join this company. You have to make it clear that you strive to be a part of the team and it is your dream job.

Tell us something about your short term and long term goals.

Through this question, the interviewer wants to know if you are clear of your goals or not. Give a brief detail of your career aim. It is always better to concentrate on the short term goals more than the long term ones. Convey that your short term goals will eventually lead you towards fulfilling the long term goal.

Can you handle stress and emergency situations?

Always give a positive answer to this question, because this is one of the main qualities that a medical professional must possess. Cite examples from your academic or work experiences to support your answer.

How do your co-workers or reporting seniors describe you?

Feel free to share your co-workers and senior's statements/testimonials. You may also refer to instances of accomplishments and achievements through which the staff referred you as hardworking/dedicated/professional/caring/go-getter, etc. You may give references of your colleagues for background check.

Do you consider yourself as loyal to any organization? Why did you leave your past employer?

This is an indirect question to know about your commitment level. It also ensures whether you switch jobs for monetary reasons or only for better career growth. Thus, make it very clear that you are loyal to an organization. The job switch is just for availing better career opportunity or to grow in terms of position and responsibilities. Never say anything against or negative about your past employer/s.

Is salary important to you? How much are you expecting from us?

The answer to this question will convey about your interest and attitude towards work. Of course, everybody works to earn, but you need to clear the point that salary is not the primary factor for you. Good work always interests you to move on in life.

Avoid giving any expected salary figure at this stage and twist the question to know if they can guide you about the salary structure of this position.

The above mentioned medical interview questions are usually asked in any typical medical interview. However, please understand that there are few other questions specific to the related position in this career like a doctor, medical assistant, nurse, coordinator, etc. Thus, each of these professionals will face different set of questions relevant to their job responsibilities or scope of work.

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